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Fiverr Account Blocked( Customer get my account blocked)

Hello, My old fiverr account has been blocked by fiverr. I had dispute with a buyer outside of the fiverr and he threatend to get my account blocked. I reached support and tell my situation they made me sure that nothing is wrong with my account and I will not get blocked. But in the same day my account was blocked. I reached out the same support personal to whom I had already told my situation he told my account was blocked for asking payment outside fiverr. But I never did it. Instead of explaining the reason the support threatend to also block my support account if I don’t stop reaching to them and on the next day I receive a message from fiverr that an order has been cancelled of the same customer I had fight. That customer never made me a new order expect the old one. I didn’t understand but the support does not want to help. Can anyone help me.

Regardless of whether or not you asked for payment, you comunicated with your buyer outside of Fiverr and that’s stricktly forbidden.


And I received a TOS for that. After TOS warning they made me sure that my account won’t get blocked.

Read the email Fiverr sent you, there you’ll find the reasons for Fiverr restricting your account.


Hello again,

This user had no part of your account being disabled, only your own actions led to this. Per our Terms of Service, all payments must go through Fiverr. Attempting to circumvent the policies we have in place to receive direct payments via payment providers such as PayPal is not permitted.

Upon reviewing your account, our team found that you have been warned multiple times regarding this type of violation. As a result, your account has been reviewed by our Trust & Safety team, and been permanently disabled. Please refer to this link outlining our Terms of Service.

If you have funds available in your Fiverr account, please contact us 90 days after the date on which you received notification that your account was disabled, and we will gladly assist you.

Here is your answer.


But I never received any warning for payment prior to the day the he threatend me. When I reached support early that day the made me sure that there is no problem with my account and I am good to go after TOS.

That’s pretty clear on why. Is it not true?

You can communicate outside of Fiverr if it involves the service. See the attached.

@humaiz_shahid, please read what I wrote you.

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Yes and here is the problem I never received any payment related warning I only have two warnings in my account one for sending incomplete delivery that was 3 months ago and one for sharing number that I received to that day.

This, I don’t understand

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The seller want to contact outside the fiverr to explain the work better on call.

Simple thing is that my account was clear of everything before I had fight with the client. And suddenly after his warning I get my account blocked.

While conversing with your client, you MUST have made a direct/indirect reference to “paying outside Fiverr (PayPal, for example).” Fiverr wouldn’t make wild accusations without having actual proof to back them up.

Besides, you are allowed to have ONLY one account. If your account gets blocked/suspended, your access to the forum gets suspended, too. You cannot just create another “support account” just to post here on the forum. That’s yet another ToS violation. If you do not see anything wrong with that, Fiverr may not be the platform for you as they take ToS violations very seriously. Users are allowed ONLY ONE account (no ifs or buts). You cannot have one seller account, one buyer account, and one “support” account. :roll_eyes:

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Your account is never clear of warnings once you get them. Sorry.


Now the same seller I had fight with got his two old order that I work two month ago cancelled.

Yes I known but I mean my account was clear of any payment releated warnings.

Once again regarding asking for payment outside Fiverr, please read below

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Fiverr is strict, but normally pretty fair with things. They don’t take banning lightly. The client may of created a fake email that had you requesting payment. Take screenshots of your emails and send it to Fiverr to show your side of the communication.

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I am also pointing this my account never get any warnings for asking payment outside the fiverr. And why my account get blocked on the same day he threatend me.