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Fiverr Account Blocked( Customer get my account blocked)

Fiverr is strict, but normally pretty fair with things. They don’t take banning lightly. The client may of created a fake email that had you requesting payment. Take screenshots of your emails and send it to Fiverr to show your side of the communication.

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I am also pointing this my account never get any warnings for asking payment outside the fiverr. And why my account get blocked on the same day he threatend me.

All warnings stack up. Not just one type.


@humaiz_shahid, let me put it this way…

Maybe you’re telling the truth, it’s Fiverr’s mistake and you never have asked for outside payment. Now, the thing is…

I visited your profile and, oh surprise what I found out… This account you’re writing from, is dated June 2019.

Sorry to say but you are so banned… just for the fact of having, at least 2 accounts (this one and the one that Fiverr banned).


Sorry, not sure we would be able to help you here. Take a breather for a day or two and come back to it. I know it’s stressful. If your claim is legit support should help. Give it a few days before contacting them.

Yes, According to TOS, its strictly prohibited but under certain circumstances you may contact them.
here is the scenario, customer placed the order, but to get the requirement or provide service, you need client’s email/contact information, then you may ask for their information but ONLY on the order conversation/chat.

It is highly recommended to send a ticket first to fiverr support that you need client’s email.
In case of disputes, fiverr will not consider any promises/deals which will take out side of the platform and not on ORDER chat. :slight_smile:

This is not about taking a breath, he violated Fiverr’s TOS and, on top of that, he has/had 2 accounts - which is completely forbidden and a cause of straight banning!

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My advise from experience is just never contact outside of Fiverr. Ever. I have asked CS first in the past and they said no. It’s kind of up to their discretion, so just don’t do it.

Respect your suggestion, was just sharing my experience. :slight_smile: Cheers

Oh, for sure. Did it come across as harsh? Sorry!

Sooooooooooooooooooo true @maitasun… great for having people like you here…:hugs:

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That’s exactly what I was referring to in a previous post of mine above yours. :wink:

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Your warnings stack up so after receiving the 3rd one your account got banned. Plain and simple, nothing more to it. It seems like you didn’t bother reading the TOS when signing up. If you did read it it’s even worst because you disregarded it and did your own thing. Sorry for your situation. The lesson here is, protect your business and brand at all cost by following the rules of the platform you are on.


Yes AJ, you wrote it first. I’m reading it now.

I didn’t get the chance to read your message when you posted it, because the OP kept me busy replying, over and over again, within seconds so, I wasn’t aware you had written.


I figured as much. :smile: I have been in a few such situations, too, and I understand how natural it is to get caught up in such situations that your focus is only on the thing you are doing at that moment (replying to the OP in your case).

I was just pointing out how interesting it was that we made the same observation, albeit independently. It’s not about who wrote it first. :wink: I am sorry if it came across that way.

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All of the people coming at the OP, I once had the EXACT same warning, even though I never asked payment outside of fiverr, all what I asked my customer was to screen share his PC to let me analyze the issue and fix for him. Buyers can manipulate the system sometimes and somehow trick CS that I wanted payment outside of fiverr.
Anyways, after that I asked permission from CS to screen share with my buyers and added that to my gig description as per their advice. Now I have no issues at all.

Regardless, OP had several warnings and got his account blocked, the last one might be a mistake done by CS as @maitasun pointed out.

EDIT: And I had to accept the warning even though it wasn’t right. So, OP unfortunately, IMO you have nothing else to do, your account is done, not to mentioned you’re violating the rules by creating a second account.


Well is it ? What if I have a facebook page , he contacted me there and I redirected him to Fiverr to work on here ?

I’m not the best one to answer your question, I don’t know how Facebook works. I don’t use it, even more, I don’t like it.

Maybe others can give you a proper answer or you may contact CS.


Well, what if it was changed to:

Regardless of whether or not you asked for payment, you initiated contact with your buyer outside of Fiverr and that’s strictly forbidden (initiated being the keyword here).

So, if the seller wasn’t the one who initiated contact (i.e. the seller wasn’t the first person to reach out), do you think it’s safe for them to just respond to the off-Fiverr contact that the buyer had initiated? :thinking:

In any case, I wouldn’t even bother responding to Fiverr-related messages off of Fiverr (provided I can make out from the message that it is Fiverr-related).

Agreed! :slight_smile:


Support account block mean that support threatened me to stop messaging for account unblock otherwise they will spam my email from my blocked account mail adress . This new account created on “June 2019” after my account get blocked. Account blocked mean that I no more have any account on fiverr so I good to create a new account. So how is that a violation.