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Fiverr account currently restricted

The account is currently restricted since 3days

Recieved mail from fiverr, Your account has been flagged for sharing contact information.
this is your Second warning issue “Sharing personal contact information”.

I contact with fiverr CS, they said your account is currently restricted and under review by our Trust and Safety team. If you have funds available or pending clearance, you will continue to have access to them while your account remains restricted.

Gig deactivate, my account is no longer available when i search my profile, although i am able to use this forum.

What should i do??

Plz guide

I don’t think there is anything you can do regarding your fiverr account.

This is what happens to those who do what you did.

I’m not sure what will be decided about this. Let us know please what they tell you.

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Wait for the Trust and Safety team to review your account.

It’s the only thing you can do, really.

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@misscrystal Sure, if they reply

@catwriter SIr, how long would it take?

Some people have waited for months.

fiverr give back your account ?
tell me sir i have same condition

No, they didn’t. His profile is no longer there.


Brother, fiverr return your account? I have the same problem today. If you still working this account i hope, I will be get your ans