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Fiverr Account disable and open a new account

Dear @all

It has been almost two months since I opened my Five account but I have not received any order yet, so I would like to ask everyone for advice on what to do, can I disable the current account and open a new account? And what methods can I use to get an order?



Hey! So I don’t understand why you would want to open a new account if this one isn’t profitable yet, because you’ll run into the same issues you have now. So instead of thinking ‘starting over’ will help (it won’t) try to improve the current gigs you have.

Take a look at all the tips in this link to help you do that: Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr

Good luck!


It took over a year for me to get my first job when I first joined Fiverr five years ago.

That was before COVID sent tens of thousands of new people here seeking fame and fortune.

It isn’t easy building any kind of business these days and even tougher to build a freelance business.

You have to decide if this is what you really want to do as it will have many dry spells.

I hope this helps.


It’s a silly idea. Sorry for talking like that. But deleting the id will not do anything. Being the main way to get a job. Making professional gigs. And giving buyer requests. Buyer requests are very helpful for newcomers.


Almost every day I send buyer requests but get no response, even almost every day I post my gigs on LinkedIn and Facebook Twitter I am very frustrated why I don’t get that job

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And how is deleting your present account and making a new one going to help you?

John’s post has helped numerous sellers.

So has this one.


So, why would your experience be any different with a new account/name? I will tell you, it won’t. Why? Because, you will more than likely do the SAME thing you are doing with the current account as in - how you answer the Buyer’s Requests and spamming your link on social media. Sounds like you do not have a “plan” or target audience.

If you are not getting responses from the Buyer’s Request, it is probably because of how you are answering them. Are you addressing what they need done specifically or are you just sending a copy/paste form letter telling them how great you are, how you have 5 years experience and to order?

Getting a new account will lead you down the same road you are on now - so, that tells you, make changes within the account you have and how you are going about promoting it and answering Buyer’s Requests.



@khorshed_tusher I advice you to update your gigs and do some research then be patient and eventually buyers will come knocking. Am experiencing the same thing with you but I have done some research upgraded my gigs and SEO. Then am hopeful that eventually I will develop my career here.
Be a little patient.

Thanks brother for your motivated speech !

Fiverr is not easy money!

It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

This will help you: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Responding to Buyer Requests).


I just give you some tips hope you get the best result

  1. Increase Fiverr Activeness
  2. Share your gig on social media
    i.Socia share also give buyer
  3. Keep patience
    Thank you for your question :slight_smile:

You better try, check your gigs or there is a problem. And I think you should always try to make gig keywords friendly.

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your suggestion is very rough and tough…

i like you suggestion . this is very unique from other

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keep patience brother.
And update your gig .
good keywoord research
make quality gig
send Buyer request regularly.
and share your gig on social media.

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OP asked something completely different

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which social media is best?