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Fiverr account disable?why

5 month ago I have joined in fiverr market place,there i regularly follow fiverr maintain rules.I have finished 30 projects in different countries.after 4 month letter my fiverr account has disabled with no reason…they tekl me some reason to 1.empty delivery((I never give this empty delivery))
2…Flaggout…what is flagg out ???

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Did you get the permission from Fiverr to open a new account and start selling again?

If not, your new account is likely to get banned, too.


yes brother,fiverr permitted me to try new account and enjoy this…again
Thanks Catwriter brother…

I’m not your brother.

As for this

Perhaps someone flagged your gig for plagiarism? I see that you have copied your gig’s description from a Top Rated Seller’s gig. You should write your own gig descriptions, not copy someone else’s.


I don’t know what this means. You do have problems with your Fiverr profile. Using a fake stock photo on your profile, copying other things, all of that can get you banned another time. You would do better to be honest in your entire profile, embrace where you are from and just do what you do best.

This is bordering on inappropriate. Don’t call strangers your brother, especially women. Don’t ask other sellers to let you do something - it’s up to you and Fiverr and no one else. You seem to need to make some adjustments all around.


I will assume the reason you are misgendering a woman is because ***************. This is not OK.

Please refrain from using terms of endearment to complete strangers, thanks.

That said, you got banned because you did something wrong. For instance, faking your account picture. Upload a picture of your own face. And next time, do not press the “deliver” button without attaching a file.


I do not know what happened to you
but i did not like that you call her brother. It is really not nice, it just not nice. May be it was genuine mistake, but the way you wrote it seems you did it intentionally. And top of that she was the first person who responded to your post to help you out.

and do not use fake picture use your own and it kinda interesting that they let you open the new account and did not let you use your old account.

I will go on the limb and guess you are not telling the whole story.


I did a google search for the wording in your profile and at least 3 other sellers have the exact same description! :crazy_face: All of the others have been on Fiverr longer than you have, so you must have copied one of them. Buyers will not trust you if they find you have copied other sellers profiles. :wink:


Even when you do attach a file, make sure it’s the actual job done. Regards

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omg I can’t express how much cringe Im feeling while Im looking for actual information and reading this simp talking stuff out of control. Don’t be so offended, that’s trying to change someone’s cultural. If you know he isnt trying to hurt you or something or if he even looked at the profile pic to guess his gender, don’t be like this man, you are cringing me out so hard.

And yes Im reviving this topic just to say this. Ill continue on my search, byebye

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