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Fiverr account disabled after only 2 months

I had been working on Fiverr since March and my account was growing very well because I had received quite a number of orders. One morning I wake up and find a message from Fiverr saying my account has been disabled because of offering services that are not allowed. I had never been given any single warning before. This was my first warning and they disabled my account. Can someone please advice?

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If you need to contact them you could use the address.

From google cache I can only see one gig about doing computer science tasks. Was that the only gig you created or were there more? Putting the word “essays” in the profile description might have made them think you were offering to do academic work someone had been given to do (and doing academic work someone has been given to do isn’t allowed).

If you weren’t doing someone’s academic work they’d been given to do you could let them know and ask if they could restore your account. If it gets restored be careful of the rules in the Terms of Service and Community Standards rules and avoid words like “essays”.


I had only one gig. I had less than 2 months there.
Thank you


If you did work for students, you do not get a warning. Fiverr removes your account post haste!


That doesn’t matter. When certain rules are broken, Fiverr bans the user without warning.


Correct. Particularly egregious/severe violations of Fiverr rules can result in instant account termination, completely bypassing the whole, “Three warnings and you’re out” policy.


I’m sorry to hear that. See if you can contact Help & Support (Customer Service), and get any answers to this situation.

He was offering prohibited services. There is no need to contact customer support. There is nothing they can do.


What was the gig you were offering?