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Fiverr account disabled for no reason

My fiverr account has been disabled for no reason. I had a gig set up and kept getting denied after making many many changes to it. Next thing i know, fiverr disabled both of my accounts. This is seriously bad on their side and I will no longer be looking to sell on the site. I will spread this bad review to everyone I know because fiverr clearly does not care about their sellers.


Seriously? Your gig “kept getting denied”, and you still tried to make it public? Why? Fiverr was denying it for a reason… and you kept defying Fiverr. Fiverr has rules, and you kept trying to break them?

I hate to bear bad news, but Fiverr had every right to finally and decisively deny that gig.

And, they had every right to disable you accounts as well, since the rules do not allow users to have more than one account – and you clearly, and willingly, broke that one as well.

Fiverr has done nothing wrong. You did. And you did so willingly and in defiance of Fiverr and their rules. There are consequences for breaking the rules. You ignored the warnings, and now you are experiencing the full weight of those consequences.


I wasn’t doing anything wrong. They claimed I was stealing intellectual property, when I did no such thing. All images were created by me. My descriptions were written by me. I kept creating the gig because it told me to edit it so that I am not stealing anything. No matter what I put in my gig, it was denied. Even though I stole no ones properties. How am I supposed to fight the root of the problem when Fiverr refuses to answer support tickets for weeks? I wasn’t making the same gig over and over. I made significant changes each time.

If you were using images that were not your own – even if you “edited” those images, you were still stealing intellectual property. Fiverr does not take action against gigs or accounts unless the user does something that breaks the rules, or, from the sounds of it, would have been illegal.

I don’t know anything more than what you have written. If you have serious concerns, you will have to discuss them with Fiverr directly.

I have created 100% original images. There were no actual pictures. Just basic photoshop gradient fill with text and my own custom logo. I didn’t “edit” anything that was not mine. Also like I said I have contacted them. No response. On top of that, I have money that I have earned on my account. So now that its disabled am I just not going to get paid for my hard work? How is that fair?

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The End.



I am very sorry to know about this.

In my opinion, please consult Customer support immediately by politely stating your query in concise and comprehensive manner.

I am sure they would restore it for you or at least help you in withdrawing the funds.
Just try to be polite, otherwise I afraid they won’t listen to your query.

Thank You

It can often take a while before Fiverr Customer Support responds to an inquiry. I would hope too, that you sent them one ticket. They do not like it when people send them multiple tickets for the same issue or request.

Please be patient. If your ticket requires a response, they will do so. If the ticket was marked as closed or solved, then you can be assured that they are done responding.

Maybe this was part of the problem?


Once again catwriter has found the problem. That kind of gig is not allowed and when you kept reposting it fiverr got tired of denying it and closed both your accounts, and having two accounts also was a violation.

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I was unaware that this gig was the problem. They didn’t give me specfics. Thank you.

What do you mean? You said:

You’re welcome, I’m glad if I could help. Please keep in mind, though, that I’m just guessing here; I’m not Fiverr staff, I don’t know what you offered on your two accounts (just having them was a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and the kind of violation that leads to both accounts getting disabled), and whether there were some other problems, too.

I meant that this type of gig*** wasn’t allowed.

I am still waiting to hear from Fiverr support.

Why is it not allowed? What about it?

Anything that looks like selling likes, followers, subscribers, comments, and so on, is strictly forbidden because it violates third party’s Terms of Service, and therefore it violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service, too.


Ok so if i didn’t include that part, then it wouldn’t be a problem? Because on one of the revisions i made to the gig, i changed the to “we cannot guarentee any amount of likes, comments or plays. Results depend on the quality of your song”

I can’t be sure. I mean, having that part is definitely a problem, but I don’t know what else might have been an issue. You’d have to clear that up with Customer Support (and don’t rely on what other sellers are offering, because there are those who sell forbidden services, and just haven’t been caught yet).

“Fiverr account disabled for no reason.” Doesn’t exist.

“Fiverr disabled my account for reasons I’m unaware of” is possibly realistic.

“Fiverr disabled my account because I was heavily breaching the ToS and Copyright Laws of 95% of World’s Nations, but I’ll have a temper tantrum over it and pretend I’m innocent” is usually the case.

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Adding that disclaimer does not make it ok. And it kind of negates what you are offering.
A gig to do what you were offering violates the third party site’s terms of service and therefore is not allowed.

Wow, some of the people on this forum sound like real **(crabs) – condescending @richardbloch. Is this where people come to dump their frustrations on others? I’m just curious. I’m new to Fiverr.

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