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Fiverr Account Disabled for violations of either Intellectual Property

Hi There,

I was level one seller on the fiverr and I was providing Link building services there.

I have taken care of every TOS and kept on working as per the fiverr policies.

Basically my two top gigs were removed first, I got the mail for gig removal and just like after a mint I got email that

" Your profile was flagged for violations of either Intellectual Property or a third party’s Terms of Service. Please be aware that offering these services is a violation of our Term of Services"

I don’t exactly know what type of Violation I did…

So I sent an email to fiverr support( to ask exactly what type of violation I made and I was willing to ask Am I allowed to open a new account by taking care of these violation but I didn’t got any response from fiverr support.

Please guide me what should I do Should create another account and start offering my service? or any assistance I can get here.

Thank you.


What would the point be in them disabling you if they would enable you again if you asked them to?

We aren’t administrators. We can’t help you with this. Link building generally involves spamming so maybe that is part of it. You haven’t given us enough information.


What does that have to do with this topic?

I get clients DoFollow Backlinks from their selective website. whether its BBC, Nytimes…etc
Lots of people are already offering this service if there would be any issue with the service then other people should also get banned…

Its not about spamming links, I get my DoFollow Backlinks from the site they have request i.e BBC, Nytimes,TechRadar…etc

Its all about 1 backlink Every client I have worked with was satisfied with my service…

Basically, I want to know what exactly Violation I have done so If any support team could inform me, I will avoid it with my new account if they allow me. apart from that lots of people are offering same type of service from years so there is nothing wrong with the service as people with similar service are there.

That is spam and none of these companies let you sell their links. You’re breaching their ToS therefore it breaches Fiverr ToS.


If you do it without permission from Customer Support, you’ll get banned.

A lot of people do get banned, the ones you see haven’t been caught yet.

Do you have the permission from those sites for each and every backlink?


But I wonder some of the top rated sellers are selling same service and they are selling it from the years. I saw other people were selling it so that why I preferred to sell it as well.

Just because some people get away with something that doesn’t mean it is ok.

And no, TRS aren’t permitted to break ToS.


You are right, But People selling similar services from years are level 2 and Top rated sellers, none of them got banned.

So, I was offering other services of Web Development there as well. So Is there any way I can ask Fiverr Support permissions to offer these, I will not be offering link building service anymore?

How I can contact them maybe via email?

No. Fiverr doesn’t re enable accounts just because you promise to not break the rules again. That’s not how ToS work.

You break the rules and get banned, that’s it. Otherwise people wouldn’t follow the rules.

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I see a lot of people selling drugs, doesn’t mean it’s legal. Sure some people sell drug and don’t get caught, but imagine me telling the cops “I see a lot of people selling drugs everyday, some people been doing it for years and they still out there doing it now”.


Great analogy. It’s no reason to think doing something is okay. That’s what ToS and common sense are for.

They have probably created those services years ago, while they were still allowed, and they haven’t been caught yet.

I see that you have already created a new account, so, you have violated the Terms of Service again.

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Basically, I have analysed the market and people were selling it on fiverr so I though its allowed that’s why they are selling it… so I created my gigs as well…

I didn’t got any warning from fiverr If it was soo I would be deleting those gigs immediately, I had no idea that specified service is violating fiverr’s service… I don’t want them to re-enable my account but give me permission to sell other services which I’m sure is totally save.

The only thing I felt bad alteast fiverr should send you one warning if people does not respond after warning then disabling his account would be best choice… but in my case I only received warning I didn’t knew what was wrong there If they’d informed me with a warning I would get rid of those gigs as soon as possible

You are absolutely right, Basically I had an market review as it was being sold over there infact there is a specified service that you search on fiverr, If fiverr has created that service it means its allowed and people were selling from the years and fiverr kept on promoting their gigs etc… so I though its allowed…

The only thing I feel bad alteast fiverr should inform me with a warning first before taking any action If I would get a warning I must be deleting those gigs right away and kept on selling other services which is allowed like: Web Development, SEO and etc…

One seller created her account this year in 2020 she is level 2 seller and still kept on selling the services.

I created this account just to access fiverr forum so I could discuss this issue here as I was unable to access my previous account.

Even so; it’s a violation of TOS. It might seem unfair, but it is all the same.

She haven’t been caught yet.

That’s still a ToS violation.

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