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Fiverr account disabled what i should do?


before few days my account fiverr was decative because I sent some spam message I was very sad and depressed because I worked in fiverr more than 1 year and I had more than 100 5 stars reviews
I have already contacted the support fiverr several times by my email address but nobody answers me

my question is can i create new fiverr account ? and if yes what i need to do ?



You just have to wait for a reply. And no, you can’t create a new account, or it too will be disabled.


im sending message to customers support & im already reading an article on quora about creating new account they say that i should make another email & another paypal email …


You need to ask for permission if you want to create another account.


yes im already sending message for C.S


Wait until you get a reply as @ahmwritingco advised.


im very very sad more than 100 reviews 5 stars :frowning:


If you are allowed to create a new account make sure to follow the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page to avoid further problems.


Usually accounts don’t get reinstated after they’ve been disabled unless Fiverr has made an obvious mistake. If Customer Support won’t reinstate this account for you, you’ll need to ask them if you’re allowed to create a new one. Apologize for your mistake, say you’ve read the ToS and promise not to violate them again. Sometimes Support is charitable and gives sellers a second chance.

I don’t think calling Fiverr racist will help. It clearly isn’t. This site is home to sellers from all corners of the globe.


I swear I did not make any mistakes fiverr banned my account and she suppressed my gig for dumb reasons

once because I forgot and I put in the image of my concert $ 10 and in the description of my gig $ 5 and I received a ban

the 2 times I sent Hello to one of my clients and got another ban why? because fiverr considered him as spam

why did I call fiverr racist? because it gives a second chance and helps sellers who are from united states like Jesus i’m sure you know her

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A lot of sellers from the USA have also been permanently banned for breaking the rules. Over the past few months I’ve seen users from America, Britain, Sweden lose their accounts. I don’t think Fiverr discriminates.

One thing I will criticise Fiverr for, though, is its communication. Like you said, they don’t always make it crystal clear what’s going on.

I hope you manage to have a meaningful conversation with CS. We’re all just buyers and sellers like you, so there’s not really anything we can do to help you with your account.


Thank you for your answers
fiverr support is 0
I think i want to work in another website
because I don’t want my next account on fiverr will be banned for any reason


Its depend on you.

Your future is not secure completely on fiverr.


Nobody is safe on fiverr, anyone can be banned anytime. Just don’t break the TOS twice


How about calling them “Buyerist” ?


this is the future of all fiverr sellers


everyone can do some mistakes even fiverr support


You already did, and you’re using it to post on the forum. It might get disabled because you didn’t wait for permission from Customer Support.

And you didn’t know that you shouldn’t send unsolicited messages?

Most likely, your client reported you for spamming them.


im sending more than 5 messages for C.S using my email and no on answer more than 6 DAYS


They might see them as spam, and not respond at all. I’m not sure that opening a new account without permission is going to help you in any way.