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Fiverr Account Disabled with unknown reason?

i don’t know what is the reason of my fiverr account disabled , i just post a request as a buyer .
but don’t know what is reason?
please help me about this problem ?

how can i recover me account and how can i withdraw my Personal balance in the condition of disabled account ?


You can wait 90 days. And 90 day later, you can withdow your all money. You can’t recover your id.

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Did the request seem like it could be interpreted as advertising your gig?

If you’re unsure what could be the reason for the account being disabled contact Fiverr at the address (assuming you aren’t able to create a support ticket since your account is disabled).


You can not back up your account but you must withdraw your personal balance after 3-month contract

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You must contact

May be they recover your account

Once a time my account was disabled but after contacting fiverr
After 3 days they recover my account


If you posted a request for something that is against Fiverr TOS such as asking for a seller to do any academic work, your account could have been disabled for that reason.

I was also facing same problem bro. We have to wait only for 90 days, after that you can withdrawal your money.

Everybody want good job.

I give a training in filming and vlogging with the smartphone for businesses. All my 6 students got their account disables during the training by Fiverr for having a duplicate account, while all of them have an unique account.

Customer support ( doesn’t reply, while all of the students placed an order and payed for it but they are unable to download the order because of the disabled account.

Fiverr, this is not professional. I am considering to eliminate Fiverr from the training.

It is good suggestion