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FIverr Account hacked by someone from *******

Hi, someone hacked one of my friends fiverr account and hacker changed everything like his email address, security questions, phone numbers, password and paypal email. That person can not contact support. that’s why I create a ticket for him in fiverr but waiting for support respond. What’s the best way to get back that fiverr account. Please suggest if anybody faced this issue before.

Thank you

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This needs to be something your “friend” will have to sort out with Fiverr.

Why are you asking for your “friend” anyways? Do you realize that makes you look like the hacker?

Just saying.


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The issue is when that friend sending email to support not creating any support ticket that’s why I am helping him to solve this problem.

If they’ve sent an email to support (at they’ve already contacted them (or is there some problem with the email - are they not getting a response for a long time?). That might be the best way of getting the account restored.

Maybe your friend should run a good virus checker on the device in case it had some keylogger or something on it. If their password wasn’t that secure they could use a more secure one in future and 2 factor authentication.

Issue is that guy send email to but ticket not created. Because when ticket is created user will get a notification. That’s why I creating a ticket for him.

70% of the changes you are mentioning here are extremely hard for a normal person who actually owns an account to do easily without getting CS involved.

The fact your hacker managed to change your Paypal account is a pure miracle given that 99% of users reported not being able to change anything on their account after it has been made.

Change phone number? Impossible.

This haker is on another level.


True hahaha. I’m being begging PayPal to change my particular for a month, still nothing from them

There is always that one exception that proves the rule.

Forum is filled with people not being able to change anything so you are a lucky one.