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Fiverr account hacked nightmare

After waiting for a long time having no other option I am writing in the forum in this matter.Three weeks ago I suddenly noticed that my withdrawal options are blocked .I contacted customer care.They said my account is reported as hacked that’s why they had blocked all withdrawal method due to the security concern .After that I noticed I am receiving calls from fiverr call verification number.I checked my account changed password and security question .After that few days later mi got a mail someone placed a order on a fiverr gig by my fiverr revenues .As per I didn’t do it I already understood that my account is considered as hacked .I checked each and every thing in my desktop everything is fine.Which means someone got access to my account.I contacted customer support they said also your account is hacked for verification they asked my phone number ,security question and answer after this they will look into this matter.I thought may be now it will be solved .I waited long after that i saw again someone trying to use my account placed order sending message to customer support to change my phone number .This time he also send me emailed on my fiverr email that he hacked my fiverr account means the email I am using for fiverr .I immidietly changed email and other things also.In few mins he again send me a msg on my another email that i changed .Means he also can see the email I am using on fiverr account even few HoURS ago he sent a msg to customer support to change the phone number .But the thing is how he can get access to all those.Even until now I didn’t saw any action taken by cs .Waiting for their reply only .If a marketplace is like this easy to get hacked then I am so worried about it .They must ensure our security .I want to mention that I have pretty much knowledge about online security …I didnt go to any phishing links or anything like this and even I go hacker only can login one time after I change my password it is impossible and even it is impossible to see my email on my fiverr account .What should I do now …even the hacker can see this post logging into my account .For nothing I also received a fiverr violation warning …The support taking long enough to reply …I NEED A SOLUTION IMMIDIETLY .PLZ CONSIDER THIS AS A SPECIAL REQUEST.PLZ



If this is all accurate, you must have some malware or keylogging software on your machine or you’ve responded to some phishing requests that have given access to your machine. No one can get that much information to use your account through just Fiverr.

I don’t think this is something Support will be able to help with much if your account is being used repeatedly by someone else. If there is anyone else that has access to your computer, perhaps a friend or family member, you might consider locking your machine with a solid password. Good luck.


Run a full virus scan on you computer using good software (one that checks for keyloggers etc). Check the virus scan software is from the official source. Regularly use a good anti-virus scanner (make it continuously check files, do a full scan sufficiently frequently and keep the virus definitions in the software up to date). You could also check your firewall settings.

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Download a version of Ubuntu which you can install to a Live USB stick. Boot your machine using it. Then change all your Fiverr login details.

After doing this, never again use your old HD or OS for anything, until you have formatted it or if using an SSD, issued the secure erase command.

Also, you might want to consider ditching Windows altogether. Someone has basically got access to your system. Even with a clean install of Windows, this person will still be able to ping your IP and see what OS you are using. If you don’t know how this problem started, it is likely that your hacker will attempt (and possibly succeed with) the same attack method a second time.

Needless to say, when using a live USB session, you also need to change all your bank, social media, email, and other logins.

Also, if problems persist (or even if they don’t) remember that smartphones and tablets are just as siuseptible to hacking as PC’s. Scrub everything like you would your house after visit by the Naked Rambler.

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I apprecicate your suggestions .But the thing is there is nothing like this here .I checked each and every my online activities all is good …even safe …my network is a private secure network i am the only one who is using this …even i am not getting any response from fiverr cs on this after the last reply

I’m curious about how much you have lost from this? Have you changed or blocked your Paypal or Payoneer account to prevent further thefts from those?

If your withdrawals are blocked I’m surprised they can place orders on your account.

Is anyone in your house able to access your computer?

At least boot from a live linux USB and try securing your Fiverr account. If that does not work, you will know for sure that the problem is on Fiverr’s side.

If I had access to all your online accounts, I wouldn’t give you any reason to suspect something was wrong. I’d wait and watch you, until some point where you do something I can benefit from like type in your mobile banking login or credit card details. No one waves emojis around saying "HEY! HACKED U! :grinning::joy::rofl::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:"

How do you know? Are you using Wireshark to diligently monitor every byte of data being sent and received across your network?

This is likely because the problem is clearly on your side. CS can’t help you with a matter arising on your computer. In fact, if you are not even going to try and test to see if the problem is on your end, CS would be right to close your account due to you posing Fiverr and people you work with on Fiverr a significant security risk.

Good luck.

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He must have put a keylogger on your computer or it’s coming from fiverr.

Scan your computer for viruses.

Getting a virus, can’t be just from the phishing sites, you might have gotten it from a torrent website, an adult site (if you do watch that). Maybe, if you used a public wi-fi network to work, and may other things.

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Always open fiverr account in private window so cookies not save in your browser.

This situation make me think… is it smart if I use VPN to open Fiverr?

Some people said, VPN is for our safety, some said, not.

Sorry for my silly question.

Mainly VPN is for Change IP of country