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Fiverr Account Hacked

Hello everyone.
Although I’m not so experienced though I just saw an incident related to Fiverr. One of my friend’s seller account has been hacked. All of his funds have been stolen. The hacker ordered me also but the order didn’t contain any of the required documents for an order like it was nothing in the order but only ABC…so I didn’t receive. My friend is very upset. He contacted customer support but I saw other issues like this on Fiverr and in a result, I came to the point that there is no such solution for this issue. There should some cures for this difficulty. His email account has been also hacked therefore he isn’t able to do anything because Fiverr sends emails to that Fiverr connected email. This is a big platform where we share and offer our services so there should be big measures for such incidents.
Sad :frowning_face:
Syeda Arzoo


Only customer support can solve this problem.

We should know to secure our personal information from Hackers. Hackers are not doing black magic for this process. They are using some tactics to get your informations to hack.

There is many tactics to collect personal information for hackers. On the internet you can find many articles about this and we should study to safeguard it from our side.


your need customer support

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Yeah, I agree. Hackers are doing their work step by step but we should save ourselves from them by some cures.


Yes we contacted CS. But hacker withdrew all of my friend’s revenue. $7.5. :confused:

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My condolence to your Friend. How could so many things get hacked at the same time? Did hacker get access to your Friend’s PC? Your Friend needs to recover his/her email in first place. Need to ignore other hacking stories . Your Friend in trouble, only support staff can help on this issue.


Customer Support will fix it. Funds can’t be withdrawn without 2FA anyway I believe (The case with me).


His email account was hacked first and then his Fiverr. Yes, he contacted CS. Thank you.

Someone hacked him and got $7.50? :roll_eyes:

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Maybe it was a typo $750 or $7,500. :upside_down_face:

It’s amazing how the friend always fights the other friend’s battles. :muscle:

I guess that’s what friends are for. :revolving_hearts:


I think she means Hacker withdraw everything and now balance $7.5

That’s what the hacker got. He probably didn’t know what was in the account until he hacked it.

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