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Fiverr account has been disabled (thelogoz)

Fiverr had disable my account to break as per TOS and this email say:

our account was flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.
To provide a pleasant buyer/seller experience, we ask that you deliver the requested work within the agreed upon time frame. Abusing the delivery button is a violation of our Terms of Service and harms the integrity of our marketplace. We recommend changing your delivery time or extending the delivery time within the order (if you are unable to meet the deadline).

I have never delivered order without attach files for order but i am confused why fiverr doing this for old sellers.

Fiverr Since: 2012-2018

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Please support me to get my account back.

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There is nothing any of us here on the forum can do to assist you with your banned account. The only people that can help you are Customer Support. Please contact them for assistance.


thank you for the reply.

Well, this answers my question from another thread.

That this issue has been reported by several sellers now and has not even been pinned or resulted in any kind of warning email being sent out by Fiverr is ridiculous.


I Support You. Same Happen to me too. Do Not Know What Is Wrong .I Also Never deliver empty delivery still getting warnings.
Do not it is system error or what

There is some kind of bug… if you try to upload bigger files and just right after they are uploaded you press on deliver , it’s possible that the files won’t go through … perhaps that happened to you as well even though you uploaded the files , very possible they weren’t sent through


Fiverr customer support say my account cannot be restore and it permanent disable. Finally my 6 year fiverr career is end. Be careful all sellers.

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I’ve never tried to deliver a large file to a client. Isn’t there a way to see that the file was actually delivered?

People should deliver the same file three times at different times of the day to be sure. Or another idea would be to deliver a small file and include a link to dropbox with the large file to be downloaded from there.

You mentioned that you never delivered the ordered without an attachment. When you delivered your orders, were they always complete? Or did you ever attach a file and hit deliver to stop the countdown even though the project wasn’t complete?

I ask because those are also TOS violations. Maybe it was this? or maybe not.

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After pressing deliver you should be able to see whether all the files you attached are still attached when it shows them on the order page. Though it can sometimes not be that easy to see which is missing since it only shows the first so many characters (around 7 or 8?) of the file name.

I don’t think they should deliver the same file 3 different times unless they can see that it didn’t go through the first 2 times - otherwise you still have the risk that the latest delivery will be missing an attachment.

I think the best idea is to deliver with a link/links to somewhere like dropbox in the delivery box. And also try to add attachments too (especially if they’re small like you said). The person delivering could also say that if that all the files are on the links below if any of the files attached to Fiverr are missing - or better wording.

Also, for big files, somewhere like dropbox is better than Fiverr because if 1 out out of multiple files didn’t get uploaded you only need to re-upload that one file instead of uploading all the files again on Fiverr as attachments (and I think if you have the software version of dropbox you could start an upload from where it left of if it stopped uploading for some reason (such as connection problem)).

Also, one of the options for buyers after a delivery is now something like “a partial delivery was delivered” if you say you’re not ready to accept an order. So it will be easier/faster for Fiverr to see if a partial order was delivered (instead of just asking them to deliver any missing file(s) in a revision). Even if the cause of it was due to a bug or something with Fiverr’s attachment feature - which they’ve already been notified of and there’s threads about it.

I have just delivered today without problems.

Just to be sure the order went through and given all the claims during these days, I asked my buyer to please confirm me he got the delivery and could download the file.

I also got a TOS violation because of this reason, not knowing what I did wrong. Luckily, I only got a TOS violation preventing me from levelling up instead of locking my account.

Honestly, I think they are somehow doing a cleansing to get rid of sellers they do not want to have on their platform. Why else should you completely lock a 6 year old account for not delivering without even sending a warning before locking the account? You only do that if you want to get rid of that seller.

I think you shouldn’t give up your career on Fiverr because of this. A few days ago my account was disabled too. I contacted the CS and there was a staff who kept telling that my account can’t be restored. I tried to tell them that I didn’t do anything wrong much time (I also quoted the ToS and showed that I didn’t violate it). Then there was another staff tell me that they would review my ticket again, then my account was restored.

Just prove that you didn’t violate ToS, I think you can take your account back safely.
But if you want to say goodbye to Fiverr because you are tired, just let it go.

Report is about not delivery full package what one of buyer ordered but they not note which order or order number to clear.

Yes i always delivered order files on time but i think one of order misses some files and buyer has reported.