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Fiverr account is suspended, anb not able to create a ticket for support team

Fiverr admins - I tried creating a ticket but the system did not let me. So I am posting this here.

My Fiverr account , javatechvideos, got suspended. I have been using that account for over 3 years and have never committed any fraud.

The account got suspended and don’t know the reason, this is bread and butter and not sure why and i have been completed over 500 orders with 99 positive rating

Fiverr admins, please reinstate that account as I have done nothing wrong.

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Customer Support and Fiverr staff don’t usually read the forums. The forums are just peer discussion. Fiverr would have sent you some kind of email or message regarding the reason for your suspension. What did it say? Even if general, it should have explained something about 3rd party complaints or intellectual property or academic gigs. There are other things, but those are some common ones. What kind of gigs did you sell?

how sad it is,

i have not received any email regarding suspension.

will they reinitiate it and help me out ?

i got below email and able to contact customer support team for a day and requested them many times for reason and finally they disabled it
Hi javatechvideos!

Our system identified some issues with your account activity with regards to our Terms of Service.

To keep your account safe, and to protect our marketplace, your account was temporarily disabled.

To reactive your account, please contact our awesome Customer Support.

For more information, please review our Terms of Service.


The Fiverr team

Do we have any alternate ways to contact them?

As mentioned in the email you’ve copied here - you should contact CS to reactivate your account :slight_smile:

You can do this via this link:

Well, even if I google a cache of your gigs, you had a lot of problems. You are using a copyright protected photo as your own profile photo, which is a copyright issue. You were using templates for videos from places like fixpress even though you didn’t have the legal rights to sell those. That’s intellectual property violation. It is doubtful that they are are going to reactive your account just based on those things alone.

You can attempt to email them at if you can’t create a support ticket, but the chances are slim. Fiverr is cracking down on gigs using images or templates for sale without appropriate licenses. Sorry. It’s not just you. Fiverr is gradually taking down gigs with problems like these.


I am not able to create support ticket with that link

Refer to my post above.

Thanks for quick check.

i have been operating it since close to 4 years and never got a problem

I understand. There are many people with the same problems. Fiverr is really work on cleaning up the site so that gigs have all correct copyrights. Good luck.

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