Fiverr Account Link, and Gigs link seen as spam!


Hi Everyone! I am a new member of the Fiverr. I have created 3 gigs in the last November. I have gotten 3 orders with 5-star reviews.

In the last few days, I noticed that I posted a link to my Gig, linking the account link on the Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and seen as spam! My gig’s impression is not growing, the buyer’s request is not coming properly.

How can I solve it?


Who sees it as spam?


When I gig marketing on Facebook. Facebook is seen as a spam.


Who reports to you that it is spam?


Could be several reasons.

If you post the link in irrelevant groups, members could have reported it. Also, if you posted the same link to many different pages and groups, or the same links over and over, this would automatically be flagged as spam by Facebook.


Facebook notifications notified me it is spam.


Oh I see. Well is it posted in places where it is not supposed to be?

I don’t know facebook’s policy on putting links for things onto various places but it does sound like it is not in the right place.


One of the following have probably happened:

a) Posted in irrelevant groups, reported by members of the group
b) Posted too many times in a short time period, causing it to be automatically flagged as spam
c) Due to the title the link may be seen as “fake advertising” by mistake due to Facebooks algorithm

Try to avoid posting the same links to many times. Also avoid posting more than 4-5 times per day (in different groups, not the same one), and spread your posts throughout the day.

This should help you avoid being reported or flagged by the algorithm.

Also, keep in mind that if your account has been flagged with spam recently, Facebook will keep a closer eye on you (automatically) for the next 30 days, and you will quickly be flagged again (and banned for a time period) if you keep on posting.


:no_mouth:No idea whatsoever why this post got “flagged” - it was in no way offensive, and the link was not a personal one - it was a link to facebook’s posting policies - meant to help out the poster.


In the last 3 days, I can not post any gigs link to any group, my own timeline or comment section


That means Facebook has flagged you for spam and given you a time limited ban. After a while, normally a week or month, you will be allowed to post again.


Guys, Thank you all of you for your cooperations.


Anything can be spam if you post it where it shouldnt be.


Facebook my account URL permanently blocked. Noticed that


Have you tried sharing social links from your gigs instead which use a shortener to places where you can post without spamming?


I have to try shortener link use to share than before showing me the notice.


Have you tried using social media to be social and not to just blast everyone with links to your gigs?
I am glad FB blocked it because Fiverr’s reputation suffers every time a desperado spams pages and groups with their links.

Learn how to properly engage on social media and you will have more success as well as not being blocked over and over.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: That’s crazy! As with every social platform you need to respect their regulations around what constitutes spam.

I post on facebook as well, and haven’t ever received a notice like that.

Maybe slow it down some.


Some people get quite boring with the “buy my stuff” links, but I haven’t seen that any of them got blocked for spamming.

How many times do you have to post per day in order to get blocked for spam? :astonished:


Why did you send me that?