Fiverr account not available!



About an hour ago I was using Fiverr. Everything was working fine. Now, I can’t log into my account because it says that my page is no longer available.

Do you know what could have happened please? Why wasn’t I notified ?



But still I can use the forum from my account


contact customer service:


Very Sad to hear it but it must be something wrong with you account which can be fixed by contacting Customer Support as you are able to user forum you are not get deleted yet


Your account may disabled for undisclosed reason , Where you ll need to contact support,


Your account was disabled. What were the last few activities you performed while you were logged in? Were you creating a Gig or recently created one?


I posted in the buyers’ requests.

Submit ticket ti fiverr support by clicking here


Repeatedly posting in Buyer’s Request section as a seller is a violation of ToS at FIverr. The first few times is a slap on a wrist as they send a warning. Perhaps you didnt get an email or notification. Afterwards, they disable the account. I really feel sorry for you as this might have been an honest mistake on your part. So contact Support, admit that you were unknowingly breaking the rule and promise not to do something like that and ask for a second chance.




Hello mam
You can check out the mail and can go to reset password and try to change it


Wont work. This was a violation of ToS thats why . She still won’t be able to log in after reset.


If you went against the TOS I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do.

Best of luck.


Fast contact customer service:


Sellers who posts in the buyers’ request section makes things complicated for other sellers.

They disguise like a buyer and make other sellers loose among the permitted 10 daily offer.


We can’t help you, sadly. Only support can, like people suggested. Be nice and friendly to them, and I’m sure they can remedy the issue. As long as you didn’t intentionally violate rules and promise to not do it again in the future.


I’m not seen this problem. My all feature worked nice.