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Fiverr Account Not Working, No One Helping

My Fiverr account no longer shows my completed gigs in my stats. Started May 31st. No new, no pending, no nothing. As such, the funds are not clearing either. And support is doing nothing other than saying it will be fixed but it will be a long time. What the Hell is that? I filed a BBB complaint, they lied to the BBB. Who else can I complain to? This amounts to fraud.

I have it happen no matter where I access from, so not a cache thing. And supposedly they are aware of it. I am just supposed to wait and trust some undetermined day I will get paid.

And support doesn’t respond.

No reply.

Easy to say, but when it has been weeks already and your funds are not coming thru, it is like working for free. Worse when you have no real insight or date for a fix.

You could go to their Twitter account and ask for someone to look into your ticket. You’ll need to include the ticket number I think and your username.

Now I tried to suspend some gigs temporarily, and they disappeared completely. I assume I have lost all the feedback as well. Great. And no one at fiverr gives a hoot. Not a good way to run a site at all. We are, after all, their customers.

They are gone. They do not show up in the gigs page. Again, it has nothing to do with the history or cache. My account doesn’t work correctly and no one at fiverr cares.