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Fiverr account possibly suspended with no notification? Possible bug?

I have been using Fiver on an off for a few months and have completed a number of orders without issue. I have been trying to withdraw some funds and have been waiting a few weeks for the process to be completed. I estimate I have waited three weeks after the funds had been released. I have submitted four emails to Customer Support asking for help with this issue but I have not received any emails from Fiverr about this. When I try and view my support tickets, I see this URL:

This suggest my account has been suspended but I seem to be able to login without issue and can also send messages in my Inbox. I do not know what has happened and was wondering if this is a bug? I have not breached the Terms of Service in any way to warrant a suspension.

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Sorry to hear that. No one but CS can help you but it seems they are not willing to. Hope you will get back again soon. Best of luck.

Did you created multiple tickets for same problem?
I think they suspended your account just for Customer support page.