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Fiverr account rating and level upgrade

I have completed all level 2 requirements, but just a couple of days before my upcoming evaluation I found that my account feedback rating star is showing “N/A”. Next day I got 2 5star reviews.
Does this gap in 60 days period of 4.7 ratings will affect my level upgrade on upcoming evaluation or not? (as I got my last review almost 2 months before)

Kindly help.

As far I know you if you ratting get over 4.8 before next evolution you gonna be good but if not then you could get downgrade.

I don’t know how long fiverr will take to count my new reviews which i got today.

the count process is not that much simple. It’s not that you get a 4 ratting and next day you couple of 5 ratting you are good to go, no when your ratting got down it will take a lot to recover.
As far i know. but don’t worry it will recover after 2 months anyhow. so keep working.

Lets see how long this will take. I will update here as well.

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