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Fiverr account safe

How can i understand my account is safe no copyright issue. if any copyright issue how can i see it???

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If you do any work against of fiverr tos or copy others title,description is also against of fiverr tos…If you doing something like that,Fiverr will give you warning …If you get such warning 3 times, Your account will be disabled…

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I have just checked your linked gig. And I have seen that you are using porto theme as your gig portfolio . If I report this you will get copyright warning . First remove that and add those image that you have made . Add those picture of websites that you have built …Read the TOS to prevent copyright warnings.

Best Of Luck …

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Thanks sk_sajib but i want to know if any copyright issue against my fiverr account what is it that i can see. i would fiverr text of gmail?

Thanks for your suggestion.

You know better that us what are you using in your profile and gigs . Do not use google images or any copyrighted contents. If anyone report that/fiverr bot got that then you will get warning and it may cause account disable …

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In order to avoid copyright issues, you should read the terms and policies of Fiverr. Then, follow the instruction that they ask you to do and what not to do. I guess you have understood.


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Thanks for information

Thank you i understood