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Fiverr account same computer/laatop

Can my brother make Fiverr account in same Computer/Laptop?

You might need to ask CS if they allow you can but still its risky

It is not safe. It is very likely that Fiverr will delete your brother’s account if you/he doesn’t take prior permission from Fiverr.

In addition, there are two other things you/your brother need(s) to take into consideration:

  1. Your brother CANNOT use the same payment account as you. Your brother needs to have his own payment account (his own Payoneer, PayPal or bank account).

  2. Your brother CANNOT offer services in the same category as you. If you offer logo designing services, your brother CANNOT offer logo designing services. He will have to offer something entirely different.

So, if your brother wants to set up a new account, I would advise you (and your brother) to contact CS and let them know that your brother also wants to set up his own account.

Also, it is very important that your brother abides by the two rules that I had mentioned earlier. If he doesn’t follow them, Fiverr will delete your brother’s account (even if he took “prior permission” to create the account).

I wish you and your “brother” the best. :wink:

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