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Fiverr account security


Hi, I am Sneher Ador. I am WordPress Developer with 3+ years experience in locality. Now I have no idea about fiverr account security, that’s mean I don’t know why fiverr suspend account.
Please tell me what to do need to safe my account from suspend in future.


If your account was suspended, Fiverr found that you were in violation of the Fiverr Terms of Service and while some issues are more common than others, any violation can get you banned. You’d have to give more information about what you were doing prior to being banned.

Did you ask for payment through PayPal or Payoneer instead of through Fiverr? Did you give a buyer your email or Skype address or ask for theirs? Did you use a copyright protected sample or product, like a WordPress theme that is not free? Did you have more than one Fiverr account or did someone else in your household have an account without information Fiverr? Those are just a few possibilities. To avoid this happening again you will need to avoid violating the ToS again. Customer Support. would have sent you some kind of message when your account was banned, also. What did it say?


Thanks fonthaunt for your kind information.