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Fiverr Account Settings if I plan to take a break for 3 months

What Should I do with the Fiverr Account Settings if I plan to take a break for 3 or more months’ don’t wants lose my ratings and gives impression to others that if I am unable to get work?


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Hello Dear,
First of all, there is an OUT OF OFFICE MODE in your dashboard, you can enable that. But, I would highly suggest, Not to do so if your current account is in a stable position.

I become a level 1 seller in the first two months of my joining. I did the mistake of deactivating my profile and guess what, it took me a complete year to re-instantiate my account. I even lost all the hopes, once.

Fiverr is becoming more and more competitive, to start fresh or to start again is not easy.
You have to struggle a lot if you deactivate it now.

Warm Regards,
Abdul Samad

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Thanks you for your reply.I will be using out of office mode.


Thank you for the reply and share of your experience @techguy11 it really helpful.

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