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Fiverr Account Suspended but not Disabled



My Fiverr account has recently been suspended. I had over 350 5* reviews and have been making $1500 a month since last year. I know the reason why my account has been suspended but I am wondering why i am still able to login to my account.

I had few active orders when my account was suspended, i was allowed to complete the orders and withdraw money from my account. Now i have zero active orders and zero balance and still have access to my profile except my gigs have been denied and can’t message anyone or apply for a job.

I want to know if there is any way I can start even with a new account? I contacted with fiverr support but no positive response. I want to know what to do when you face this situation, is there any way we can get back to fiverr and work as usual? thanks



Ensure you state what you did so we can provide feasible solutions. If it is not disabled, I believe your appeal can still be granted if you decided to turn a new leaf and assure Fiverr it won’t repeat itself.


Hi, actually my account has been suspended after receiving three warnings for not using the submit order button properly… there have been few clients who placed order and disappeared without sending my details… i had to submit the order in order not to receive the late delivery warning… I messaged all of them to contact me when they return so i can complete their work…

one of them returned and contacted fiverr support that i have submitted the order without completing the task… I am sure that client had changed his mind when he returned…

now i can login to my account, i see all my gigs denied… i am enrolled in one of the fiverr course as well


Hello, you cannot make an empty delivery. I’m surprised one warning wasn’t enough.

It seems that your account cannot be used from what you are saying.


actually in my niche i don’t have to send any file as submission… i only have to let the client know the project is completed…

do you have any suggestions what do i do now? To recover my account or start with a new ?


What niche is this?..


Apparently you didn’t do the job.


web analytics… I have completed over 500 projects and never got any warning about the way i am submitting the order


You account is not visible to me, I just looked for it.

I’m thinking that if you are doing web analytics wouldn’t your clients expect to get something from you? How would you analyze their sites without sending anything to them? Would you keep what you analyze to yourself? :smile:

You just said you got three warnings.


you can’t see my profile but the thing is i still have access to the site…

well most of the time i have to work on implementations of the tools… i only have to let the client know, how i installed the tools and he verifies on his end.

well I am expecting from you a way to recover my account or suggestions about what should i do?


I’m confused. Did you get three warnings, or never got any warning?


of course my account got suspended after three warning…


You have access to get your money probably but if it’s not visible to anyone it is banned. I don’t have an answer about how to get it back. Why wasn’t the first warning enough for you?

It makes no sense to keep on doing the same thing, get three warnings then be surprised when it finally is banned.

Didn’t you know that you would be banned if you didn’t actually send them something for the delivery?


the first two warnings were mainly due to client’s behaviour… they keep sending my revisions even the projects were completed… i always try to be cool with the clients and answer all questions before completing the task…

but there you have some clients who really don’t like to understand :frowning: the last warning was what i say a kind of my mistake


i have submitted the orders many times before without delivering the order… when i do so that’s because the clients did not reply… i used to send a message to let them know i will be available to complete their project when they return… so it worked that way for many clients and most of them turned out to be my best clients


That’s how people get banned. You have to send them something when you use the delivery button.

If I purchased any gig and got notice there was a delivery of my order but nothing at all was delivered I would be very mad.


would you still be mad if you place an order, disappear without sending any details and woke up after a month to see you have paid someone for the work?


You need to get permission from Fiverr CS in order to create a new account. If you do not get a positive response from them in this regard, unfortunately, you cannot work on Fiverr anymore. If you do create a new account anyway, Fiverr is likely to disable that account, too.


this is the answer i was looking for. thanks you very much


If you do the same thing with the new account it will get banned too.