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Fiverr account suspended, cannot create ticket. I did nothing wrong

Fiverr admins - I tried creating a ticket but the system did not let me. So I am posting this here.

My Fiverr account account, james3572, got suspended. I have been using that account for over 3 years and have never committed any fraud.

The account got suspended because I placed about 5 orders using different credit card numbers for each order. Those were not stolen cards - they were mine. I did that because I have a handful of visa gift cards with small amounts of money on each one ($5 to $20) that I wished to utilize.

Fiverr admins, please reinstate that account as I have done nothing wrong.

Why would you place orders on your fiverr account with your own name. This was a mistake. This would be called fraud as you were trying to enhance your account with orders from yourself. Ouch!

You should trying exchanging gigs with other sellers that need your service. They buy your gig and in turn you buy their gig. There are sellers who are advertising that via google search. No sure if it’s against fiverr rules or not and I’ve tried it.

Ouch indeed!!! Except that is NOT what happened!

  1. I was not ordering my own gigs. I was ordering another seller’s gigs. Why was I doing that? Because I actually needed to buy a service from that seller!

  2. I have worked with that very same for several months and have ordered over $2000 worth of orders of his gigs.

  3. I was not boosting his gigs. Out of the 50+ orders I have placed for him, I have left him maybe one piece of feedback.

  4. I am not primarily a Fiverr seller. I am mostly a Fiverr buyer.

  5. I was not restricted by a human. Because a human would see I did nothing wrong. I was restricted automatically - by a BUG!!! So admins, where are you???

I have used that account many years. I have spent over $20,000 with that account. I have personally made your company $4000 in fees. And i plan on spending more. Perhaps, in years to come, I will spend $100,000 or even a million! In other words, I am a BIG spender, a whale. One of the people that makes your whole business possible. I understand the system may flag suspicious activity. But I hope that a human will see I did nothing wrong. AND your system won’t even let me, a loyal big spender, create a ticket! Where are you mods???

Also, the credit card processing system no longer works, I tried to place an order with another account and it got declined. So there is clearly a bug in the system that got my account restricted.

I think the OP is saying truth here. I think the Fiverr Customer Support will definitely help you if they think that all you are saying is true.

Good Luck!

Hello, how many accounts do you have?