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Fiverr account transfered

i want to go turkey for a long time. so, can i use this account in turkey or not use properly.
what do the fiverr support with my this account and what is the method that i gave my account easily and do working on them easily.

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You can use your account in Turkey. Lots of freelancers work on the move.

The thing you want to be wary of is logging in on the same computer that other sellers use, especially if you all offer similar Gigs.

Is there anything wrong for changing location? after all fiverr is an online marketplace

thankyou for your complement


Using your account in Turkey isn’t a problem. Claiming that you’re a group of top rated sellers even though you’re not could get you a warning, though.


thankyou for you seggestion

you can using your account from anywhere …

ok thats great…

but some of my friend says that they are thinking in dought so what are you sayinng about that again.