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Fiverr Account Warning remove

I hope everyone is doing well. I have a question. How much time needed to remove warning in Fiverr account?
Thank you.


It’s stays in your account forever.

However it wouldn’t affect your level upgrade after period of 60 days.

Please read fiverr TOS, it’s all explained there, that will also help you to avoid other warnings in the future.


Be care full with fiver we all have to go with 60 Days course

Try not to get too many warnings at a same time because fiverr may ban you for this. Be cautious about with your account. It may be hard at first but fiverr has way too many rules and regulations to deal with. But it’s helping buyers and sellers to pace in al together.
Thank you

It’s stay forever but try avoiding more warning which could make account disabled

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must follow fiverr term & condition so then you not get any kind of warning or something because you already know why fiverr give warn.

It stays forever, How? I don’t get it.

It stays on fiverr record as long as you have an account :woman_shrugging: Forever is forever.

It wouldn’t affect your level promotion after 60 days but if you get another warning (or 2 more) they will just disable your account


I don’t not think so, why would they keep a record of something that doesn’t affect your level promotion. Did you clean your phone / pc junk? No reference to back my point but I think it does not stay in record once it get over 60 days expiry.

It does. 20characters


I see, where it is written?

If you read this article, you’ll see there are no time limits given:


@reema_0335 warnings are kept just as disciplinary notes are kept on student’s/worker’s records.

So, yes, warnings are kept for life!


I am not sure why you would be so worried about whether or not it will stay on record. Don’t violate the ToS again, and you will not receive any ToS warnings in the future.

I mean, once you receive a single ToS warning, your preventative approach (for the future) should be the same irrespective of whether the previous warning stays on record or not, right?


Why would they keep it? So they would know what rules you violated previously and if you violated the same issue twice or different issues 3 times then your account will be banned. (Otherwise it would’ve been a very sweet deal that every 60 days you can violate rules and not to get punished for that)


I could have not said this better! :wink: :+1:


Why does it look like some people are calculating how many times or how often they can get away with breaking the rules?


Thanks for your information

Thanks for everyone to share your experience.

I would never think of breaking any rules cause fiverr is best site and i work for people all around the world but still i got 2 warning from fiverr.
I don’t know what was the first one cause it was way back BUT the 2nd one was about abusing delivery button or something similar.