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Fiverr: Account Warning!

Hello fellow sellers,

So I’ve been given this warning because I am building an online E-Commerce website for a client and I simply asked the client all details that were necessary to get this shop running and of course for an online shop one of those details would be to do with a Payment Gateway like PayPal. (I never provided or offered a direct payment to another user)

Below is the email I received. Should I be worried ? and does anyone know a way of contacting Fiverr support ? I don’t see an e-mail nor ticket system on the help page.


Hi arron_webexpert,

It appears you provided or offered a direct payment to another user, which besides being uncool, violates our Terms of Service (

Note: These warnings may affect your eligibility for Levels, other features, and your account status.

The Fiverr Team

To make a ticket, go to the Customer Support page and look at the top right-hand side–there’s the ticket submit button (“submit a request”). That email is automatically generated after a few too many flags, I think. Anyways, if you explain the nature of the work I’m sure you’ll be fine and the warning will presumably be removed from your account details as computer error or something. Well, I like to think so anyway :smiley:


Hey I had one of these as well. I would definitely reach out to support but usually when you use that word, they read the conversation first before sending out that email. After I got this message, I had my level removed and just got it back a few days ago.

Yeah my level is now gone, but in analytics it shows that I’m close to leveling up, did you get it back by just working for it again or did you have to clear things up with support to remove any limitations/restrictions ?

Yep when you use the P word, Fiverr takes action :slight_smile: hope this helps