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Fiverr Accounts working Team


What do you think about creating working team and when somebody order we are working together and we share earned money?


What kinds of projects would you imagine for this?


Reply to @anarchofighter: I can do any work. But I’m specially looking for likes developing…


The thought has crossed my mind to, in some cases it could be a great idear, forexample: for a video review you could add a gig extra to have someone edit the video with text and background music or crossing a graphic design with a webtemplate.


developing for 5$ not possible with team, No such customer who order 100$+ so work with team really tough.


I dont think he is talking about a team getting 5 but insted 1 gig get 5 and the other team member get 5 for there work that way 2 gigs have been combined to one and both gig owners have recived 5 bucks.