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I am mechanical engineer and providing cad designing services on fiverr. My room mate is also mechanical engineer so now impressed by me he also wants to start to work on fiverr . we have two different internet connection and two different system i-e Laptop and PC. so now question is there will be any risk of account suspension i use my laptop and wifi connection for my fiverr profile and my room mate start to use PC desktop with another internet 4g device to make his fiverr profile. Thanks

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One person cannot create two accounts. But if you are use different PCs and Internet connections, it not against Fiverr terms in my thought. Please take a look Fiverr terms and conditions.

yes acutally i was worried about my account and that why i insist my room mate to setup his own system and internet connection

If internet connection and device is different then No risk!!!

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Contact CS regarding this matter and get full brief.