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Fiverr acount hacked


3rd times my account is hacked

and that’s the 4th time I m seeing the unusual activity.
Someone has changed my Paypal email and activate the vacation mode. I m not sure how this happens

Fiverr please do something about these hackers. I also do work on other freelaning sites and this type of things never happens

Please make everyone’s account secure. Seller earn money their hardwork and some hacker came and stole the money
Thats just ridifculous


Fiverr doesn’t secure your account, you are the one supposed to secure it yourself. Strong password, antivirus to detect keyloggers, keep your pc up to date.


I have never been hacked in years of buying and selling. I think you might need to tighten up your own security as @phantompower suggested and make sure you don’t click on phishing attempts.


how is it possible!!!


ok I will make all these remedies but now I m waiting for the Fiverr support to reply as don’t know hacker has gained too much access to my account change the email, PayPal email, my security question and also my phone number.
I m just worried about this situation
Please Fiverr help me out


dont blame on fiverr, fiverr has nothing to do with this. fiverr do offer mobile verification / security questions / all these security services! its all depend on you. AGAIN fiverr has nothing to do with this.


Fiverr Support doesn’t check the forums. I don’t see how they could help you anyway since it sounds like the account has already been compromised, you just need to change all your info to more secure info. Good luck!


If this is so… hope u kept a note of which email id it changed to… check your paypal and change some stuff there… have any money been stolen or not. keep a proof. screenshot and a strong evidence. Depends also from where you access your account. who uses it rather than you etc… do u keep it online all the time etc…


Hi @fasty93!
Please Don’t Click any Undefined Link/Spam and Don’t Login in Public Systems Like School/Collage Computer lab or Other Laptops, Thank You


I never saw anyone who got solution against this issue.
So start as a new seller again on fiverr


I m Level 2 seller and about to fulfill all the requirements of TOP RATED how can I make new seller account
Also I understand that’s my fault not to make my account secure because I m not aware that this can be happen

I have contacted the support and hopefully I will get my account back


You can’t. Fiverr users may only have ONE account on this site.

The alleged hacking may not be your fault, but the security of your account is. YOU are responsible for making sure that your account is safe and secure. Use new passwords, make sure YOUR computer is not compromised, don’t share your security information with other people.

This issue you are facing is not Fiverr’s fault. YOU are going to have to strengthen your personal security details. YOU, not Fiverr.



About new seller account, my intention is that I m very close to become TOP RATED and why do i make new seller account. Thats not the option for me

Once i get access to my account again, I will make to follow all these things to make my account secure

Thanks for your response