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Fiverr act like a God , Fiverr dont care about Sellers

Fiverr act like a God whats going on , This is my second account , My first account was banned by fiverr due fiverr system got any activity in my account and i was on second level . Then i message them but i got nothing . Then i open new account and i work hard and hard . Finally i got my first level after long time , i started my second account on Aug 2016 now its 15 Oct 2017 , Again they message me , Whats Going on Whats wrong with fiverr ,

> Now they giving me mental illness

. i am so sad which fiverr is doing with me . i know the rules, term and condition , They are now acting like a God .


Fiverr will do that. What’s more, so will God.

The likely problem here is that multiple accounts are against Fiverr’s terms of service. Moreover, if you had an account and Fiverr banned you, coming back was always going to be a bit like playing Russian Roulette while blind drunk with a professional hitman.

You need to try and figure out why both of your accounts have been suspended and take your skills elsewhere for 90 days. After that time is up, send Fiverr a message asking if you can have your available funds and at the same time ask them if you could possibly reactivate your account or open a new one.

Sorry. This is really all you can do.


If you messaged CS they should tell you the reason why were you banned. Can you tell us what was the reason?

I have one account was in 2015 which was second level with 207 plus order , And another account was from Aug 2016 to 15 oct 2017 with level one plus 16 orders. I message them they told me that we dont share any reason ,

i dont know what was the reason behind i have done only 16 Plus order and i am lvl one . I message them they told me that we dont share any reason ,

Well, there you go. That might be your problem. You have more than one active account. This is against the rules of Fiverr.


When first account was banned then i open new one

Did you ask Fiverr Customer Support for approval to open a second account after being banned?

Because I think Fiverr doesn’t allow banned members to come back every time their banned, which is probably the reason why your second account was banned as well.


I have message Fiverr Customer Support and they told me this

Hi again,

Thank you for your patience. We’ve permanently disabled your account for violations of our Terms of Service and after being reviewed by our Trust & Safety team it was decided not be restored.

Kind regards.

If you opened up your second account without asking Fiverr for approval after being banned the first time, it’s obvious they would keep banning you :confused: That’s the whole purpose of a ban, to keep someone away, isn’t it?..


I don’t think Fiverr is acting like a God. They are being professional, I believe.
Creating multiple account is against their TOS.

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What kind of services were you offering?

web development plus php services

Did you contact someone outside Fiverr? I mean via skype or email?

No , i have email them but no answer from fiverr

I mean have you ever communicated with a fiverr client outside via skype or email?

No i know the rules, terms and conditions but Fiverr dont care about sellers only focus is buyers , Recently i got an order of 500$ and the person told me that you have all access of my website and app , i will sent you money outside through paypal then i strongly rejected him , but fiverr give us such things , i am so sad with fiverr

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Did you report that message of the buyer?

Did you report that message of the buyer?


@softmining1 You say:

Four veteran sellers have told you that the issue is more than likely because of having more than one account. I do not think you know the Terms Of Service as well as you claim to. I think you just want someone here to say Fiverr is wrong for enforcing their rules.


You should have gotten the first account issues corrected not started a new account.