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Hi, everyone can anyone tell me what is the ideal time to stay active on fiverr in Bangladesh… I stay active all night on fiverr but a buyer messaged me after 9am in the morning. So, really confused about this matter. Don’t know what to do here… Can anyone suggest me a good timing. Thanks alot…


Stop believing that you need to be online to get orders.

It’s just some myth people keep perpetuating.


I live in Upsidedownland and most of the people I do business with are above the dotted line. We chat sometimes in cross-over periods but this is not an issue for a real buyer.



You do not need to be online to secure a sale.

If you are offering a service that someone wants and your gig is well written, and priced fairly - then you will receive an order regardless of whether you are on or offline.

About a third of my orders arrive when I am asleep. It is never a problem.

Please don’t mess up your sleeping pattern just because you’ve read some bad advice in the forum, or watched one of these appalling ‘how to make money on Fiverr videos’ that you find on YouTube.


In most of the countries all around the world it is something between when you wake up in the morning (usually sunrise) and go to bed in the evening (after sunset):slight_smile: .

This may make you happier than selling $5 Gig at 3 am.


Your post makes me think of the saying we should ‘work to live’ and not ‘live to work’.

I do understand that some people are so desperate to earn money that they will do anything, but where possible no one should be staying up all night in the hope of receiving an order.


You no longer have to believe you need to be online to get orders.

There’s just this myth being perpetuated by many people, it’s not the truth.


Why are you mimicking what @humanissocial said in this thread?

If you think parroting someone else’s post will get you orders, think again. You just look foolish and not smart enough to make your own post.



It won’t help you or anyone else to repeat what I’ve already said in this thread and pretend it is your idea. No one believes those are your words. Trust me.

Do you think you’ll get orders if you can convince people in the forum you are knowledgeable and have good English? Because you won’t. Cut it out.

Thanks, @genuineguidance, for having my back. Why do people keep copying me lately? Lol


Every post @hasanstores has made on the forum is a copy of another post from the same thread. Sometimes slightly rewritten. He is not the only one. There have been a lot of these types of users lately.


They copy you because you are clear and to the point. LOL

And, being on the forum 12 hours a day will surely get them a sale!!!



Good to know. Thanks for letting me know.

@hasanstores, don’t think you can get away with copying other people. We will always call you you out for it. Stop being unethical and lazy. It won’t help you.


In addition to what has been said about “copying” other posts.

Is there a reason why you are doing this?

If some “guru” has suggested this to you and others it will not work!


You are absolutely right. It’s just a fake advice. Staying online will not give us orders. I have my own experience. The only thing needed that we have to respond to buyer’s message as soon as possible.


Thanks for post. I am see there are lot of information in this comment.

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Thanks everyone for your support now I’m relieved and don’t have to worry about not getting enough sleep or missing out on orders. :slightly_smiling_face:


When I see these types of posts I think of them as an echo, echo, echo.


I do, too. I really think there should be an option to report them and have them removed. The forum would have less opportunity to go into this territory.


Can you explain it little more? Because as a new seller, people told me this.


This is the analogy I use to explain why it’s bad advice:

If you want a coffee while you’re out at 3 am and there is only one shop in the vicinity that is open 24 hours, then you will choose that one because you want that coffee at that time and that place and this shop is the only place you can get it.

But what if there are 20 coffee shops in that area and they are all open 24 hours AND on top of that very few people in that area wants a coffee outside of regular hours?

That’s very high competition for something that has a very low demand where time does not influence the purchase decision.

In other words, people who want a gig aren’t going to choose you just because they can see you are online or because you responded first. They wait until they a) Have the time and attention to make sure they are choosing the vendor that is most suitable, most credible and most valuable for their offer and b) They are ready to order.

And they probably won’t even see you online because hundreds of other sellers are, too.

The people who tell you to be online don’t know what they are talking about. They are just parroting myths they read somewhere because they think it makes them look smart in the forum and they think that will get them orders.

People order based on value and suitability. That doesn’t change just because you are online. And being online doesn’t make you more discoverable either.