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Fiverr ad campaign panned in British press



Well, they also promote that if you’re spending more than $5 on a logo design then you’re being ripped off. I guess they are trying to attract a certain type of buyers and sellers nowadays.
I’m proud to say that I’m not a DOER :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw that some time back and there was some discussion about it here.
I don’t know why everyone is so negative about it, if I looked like that I would be happy :slight_smile:


I was on YouTube earlier today and the ad that streamed prior to the video was a short version of the famous “Doers” spot. While there has been confusion as to whether the doers were just the buyers, or the sellers as well, they are still sticking with the video of the woman sitting on the toilet in a public bathroom with a laptop on her lap. That’s just the image we want our buyers to have of us while we prepare their orders, sitting on the toilet while we finish up your logo. Oh wait, might be a few more minutes till delivery…not enough fiber lately.


Eoin, I would also be happy if you looked like that. :wink:


My appointment with the barber has been cancelled.
1 step at a time



That gurl needs to sleep… and to learn to say “no”


She looks like a Vampire. :expressionless:


It’s genius advertising.
They’ve come up with a set of visuals that would make the public talk about their adverts.

Fiverr wants us to talk about their ads. (The more exposure, the better!)

Genius :bulb:


Eww! Gross!


I can never look at any of my deliverables now.


I am not a big fan of advertising campaigns, that’s not necessary. Those who want to use Fiverr will find it anyway, I am not sure how many paying customers the ad campaigns have brought.


LOL. That cracked me up. :joy:


I personally don´t like the advertisement. To me, it looks like the message is saying: ˝You can abuse the sellers as much as you want˝ - which that´s not how it should be at all.


My sister says the same thing. “Say it with me no.” That’s her pep talk to any of her friends and colleagues who feel they must work endlessly to complete work for demanding clients.


There’s a reason why big businesses spend big bucks on advertising. Done right, it can be super effective. I am not a fan of “negative” advertising campaigns used to attract attention, but I’m super okay with advertising in general. It aids businesses and it might aid the consumer as well. Maybe Fiverr’s has been less effective, but there’s no statistic to back it up.

I’d like to know the reason for your comment, anyway.


I really like that ad. I’m sleep deprived and follow through on my follow through.

I don’t do caffeine though.

It looks like they are advertising for workaholic perfectionist sellers like me. The best freelance internet marketers probably have a high percentage who fit this image.

It might be that it speaks to exactly the demographic they want it to and the rest are horrified by it. Welcome to my world is all I can say.