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Fiverr Admin are deducting my upcoming earnings i have contacted but no response!

I have complain about this before but i thought it will stop but i will have to stop selling on fiverr and look for a better place. I think fiverr are now being very cunny i have five delivered orders and 11 orders in queue which should total to be $176 upcoming but i’m seeing $144 upcoming that’s another $28 deducted again after they deducted $60 last week and now i’m so dissapointed in them i have contacted the support but yet i get no reply from them i think the best way to stop this scam is to stop selling on fiverr which i will do after this month. once again I’m very dissapointed with you guys micha kaufman and co.

Please sellers be very watchful and always calculate your upcoming earnings all the time not to get scammed i just can’t you guys are getting compensated 20% and yet still deducted from my 80% i’m dissappointed.


Go to your Sales Tab -> Manage Sales.

Calculate the total in Delivered orders and Active Orders but not the Completed. Deduct 20% from the total and it should be equal to your Upcoming earnings.

I’ve been here for 6 months and keep a record of all the individual orders and they reconcile perfectly with my Fiverr earnings. Even if your upcoming earnings are different from what it should be, don’t worry. It may be a temporary glitch! And when the earnings are cleared, you will realize that you have all what you have earned in your account!


The orders to pay attention to should be the ones where you get extras ordered after initially a base price gig is placed. This seems to be the most common bug. I also get some “pending clearance” indefinitely orders. When I contact CS they automatically seem to clear pending and CS claims there was never an issue(despite being about 4 days late from clearing.) The bug with the extras is that it seems to tend to sometimes just calculate a base price gig order, and if the extra is placed late in the gig order sometimes it forgets to calculate this. This does happen which is kind of surprising for how long this website has been around. Watch over these particular gig orders mostly. Those have been my main issue I had to talk to CS about numerous times.

When the order was placed and in progress its in the Upcoming Earnings section. As the order is marked as completed, it goes into the Pending Clearance section. No one is deducting your money. The upcoming is decreased becaused the order was marked as completed and it went into the Pending Clerance row.