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Fiverr Admin Is Scripted - Don't Expect An Answer For Everything

Based on more four years on fiverr, admin was great the first two years. Quick! But, since they have grown too quickly, customer service seems to be scripted. So, they will answer questions if they have a scripted answer. Otherwise, they won’t answer. It’s unfortunate but that’s how they operate now. Remember, they operate out of Israel, not the US. although they have workers based in New York. I believe the answers come from Israel. This is one of the problems when you grow too fast, have more than 3 million gig services and many sellers that don’t make any money.

Actually, Customer Service is based in Florida and I’ve never received anything other than excellent support from them. Yes, they are busy, but they always follow through on every ticket that I’ve submitted. If you have a genuine issue, no doubt they will be happy to help.

I removed my comments I just made as I’ve noticed a warning message that I received. I guess you are not allowed to say what’s on your mind.