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Fiverr Admin: Keep Custom Orders Feature!

I fell in love with the ability for buyers to request custom orders from sellers, then allowing sellers to determine a price and implement the order.

Recently, however, the feature has been going on and off. When you scroll over the button to allow you to switch “Accepting Custom Orders” off or on, it says "experimental: (something or another). Some days my buyers will be able to use this feature, while others it just magically disappears.

I have found the custom orders feature very useful, and was curious to see if it has been for others. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve been delighted to see buyers requesting custom orders but didn’t know how they were doing it so thank you for the explanation. Yes this is a great feature.

Hi, I’ve been seeing you around on Fiverr. You have a really interesting profile! Hope to achieve your success one day.