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Fiverr Administration acting like a bully with power

Hi there all Fiverr people.
My account on Fiverr was banend permanently. Customer Support told me that the reason I was baned is spamming.
I worked really hard on Fivver whit that profile, maintain 5.0 with 40 jobs done.
My ambitions was to become PRO level seller, and I start to watching PRO sellers profiles in the same field of work - “Web Development”.
I saw profile of PRO seller with 4 reviews on the whole profile. For someone who working hard here on Fiverr that was unreasonable and I contact that user and ask him how he manage to pull out this. I wasn’t rude at all, I ask him if he could give me advice to get on his level, told him or her, that that will be significantly for me and that I would appreciate any guides he could give me. Message was ended with “Wish you all the best”.
Tomorrow in the morning I was woke up with message from Fiverr:
Your account is permanently ban because of spamming, your founds you can get when 90 days pass from this day.
I left with permanent banned profile and $450 freeze.
My thoughts about this, that this profile has some connection with administration on Fiverr and I will put out my reasons why I think that is the case:

  • I can find any reasonable explanation how someone with 4 reviews on whole profile could became PRO seller.
  • My profile was immediately ban for life because of that one message which didn’t contain any rude and disrespectable words.

That is to extreme and some people who’s works at Fiverr acting like a bully, giving ban their users like that, don’t thinking that maybe some people existence and incomes is on the line.

That was my experience with Fiverr administration.
Let that be on their honor.

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You should really read Fiverr’s ToS thoroughly if you aspire to become a Pro seller.

It clearly states you are not allowed to contact anyone on Fiverr for any other reason other than to express interest in their gigs, ask questions prior to ordering.

Anything else is spamming. Even if you were polite about it.


You are already posting about this exact thing here, you don’t need to post about it twice…

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That is very extreme reason to ban someone.
I could not predict that my message is that category, so I didn’t get second thoughts about that and go to read Fiverr TOS.

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Do you have any idea how many of these “I am not spamming you” messages that people get?
If you want help or advice, post on the forum. Don’t send messages to individuals. I get loads of these and each one is reported as spam because that is what it is. It is irritating and can affect my stats if I dont respond quickly.
You got banned for spamming because you spammed - not because of anyone acting like a bully or anything else. You broke the rules and any consequences of that are your fault alone, nobody else’s.


Here is information on how to become a Fiverr Pro seller.

Exactly - I said pretty much the same thing here.

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I want to set separate card for my case, and let people know what could happen to them if they don’t follow some extreme rules in my opinion.

Breaking any of the Terms is a valid reason for them to ban you.

Why do you consider this to be extreme, is beyond me.

Also, just FYI:
We read ToS before we sign up for a service, not after we do something questionable.

Here’s the definition of spam for future reference:

"irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet".

Yours was obviously both.

Do you sign contracts in real life without reading them?


Like I said that is to extreme reason to ban someone. That is my opinion and I believe that you know that also, but of course you wouldn’t say that aloud.

As has already been explained to you, your account was permanently banned because you spammed a PRO seller. The definition for ‘spam’ has been helpfully given to you for reference.

After CS’ indicated 90 days elapse, you can withdraw your money and, with their permission, create another account… in which case you would hopefully have learned your lesson by then.

There’s nothing else to discuss.

I do not like it at all when I get messages asking me for help when I am trying to get work done. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But your actions are not those of a PRO seller! :roll_eyes:

Fiverr has done the honorable thing by its users who do not want to be contacted by spammers; they ban the accounts of those who spam.

That is sad if your only source of income is Fiverr. Since it is so important to you, read the ToS to stay out of trouble when you are able to set up your new account.


You must feel very smart when you analyze what people writes and looking for smart answer on every word.
Daily Ego boost is reached now I guess…

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Whereas other people feel content just by trying to knock other people down, with a remark that contributes nothing to the discussion.

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I just looked your profile up on the main page. It is still there. You are not banned. :thinking:
If I can see your profile you are still in business. :wink:


Please tell me all this fuss was about a ToS warning and not an actual ban.


It would seem so Frank…:slightly_smiling_face:

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You should find out how PRO sellers are chosen. They aren’t chosen by reviews. They are brought in from outside fiverr.

So you are not banned? Why say you are banned if you aren’t?


As far as I can see, it hasn’t been banned - it’s still there. Storm in a teacup! :tea:


So the OP is confused then about a couple of things.

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