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Fiverr ADs? [ARCHIVED]

Greetings to all Fiverr colleagues!
Today I have seen several Gigs’ Ads at the top of my category (caricature) results page.
Does anybody knows how to contact to buy an Ad, or how this system works? Maybe it’s in a proof instance.


There is a forum thread about the new feature mentioned above. You can try that thread but it’s been awhile, so contacting Customer Support to ask about it might be a good secondary idea. Here is the thread:

It looks like several featured gigs are in the top row with the little AD sign. Wonder what they paid.

I’m not exactly sure, but I think those people are probably participating in the beta and might not be paying anything. I don’t remember all the posts in the thread on it so I could be wrong! :slight_smile:

Maybe they are seeing that people will buy them with the AD sign first.

Could be. If they move forward I’ll be very interested in the price structure. It could end up making things more fair or less fair. It’s fascinating.

On one hand you could think a seller who can pay more mightalso already be more skilled. Skill could = Off or on-Fiverr earnings to pay for ads, promoting skilled sellers and improving the site.

Just as plausibly, sellers with little skill for freelancing could have money borrowed or earned in another job. If they buy ads they get sales due to visibility. Perhaps they beg or bribe for reviews but can’t do good work and it drags the seller base down. Who knows?

A broader price structure could push it either way too, it seems to me.

That’s what I was thinking, that some unskilled sellers would buy ads and it would degrade the listings to have them at the top but maybe it will only be offered to proven sellers.

Thanks for replies! I have tried to contact the Fiverr team from the chat box that appears some times when they show new features. But they limited just to answer about that features and not for other issues :slight_smile:

Well, One of my friend is among those selected sellers. He will pay 15% extra when a sell made from the Gig Ad