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Fiverr Advertising Consultant- Be Engaging

Good Monday Fiverrs! I have been on Fiverr for about six months and am now a level one, hoping to make level two soon. Although necessary to get more business and visibility, I don’t concentrate on the number of clicks or even the number of orders. I have been doing what I am doing outside of Fiverr for a long time and although it’s frustrating when someone judges your experience (competence) by the number of reviews, I usually quickly show my clients different.

I very rarely start with a client ordering my gig. It sounds bad to say but most clients know what they want to achieve but don’t know how to effectively craft your services to best achieve it. That’s your job as a consultant. I usually start my gig by asking a potential client to submit a link to their commercial or video or encourage them to ask questions. I have all sorts of promotional, PR and advertising services. Starting a conversation is a great way to get my customers the right service for them.

For instance if they happen to show interest in my gig “Advertise Your Business Globally”:

a conversation might quickly uncover that they are looking to promote their new song. Which then leads me suggest that they probably want my music promotional gig for our streaming TV show:

But then finding out whether they have a video might lead me to my gig offering for musicians with videos:

I also don’t hesitate to tell a client when my service is not what they are looking for! It helps keep my rating in tact and they appreciate it. All money ain’t good money!

All of this helps me to find the best service for a client, sometimes leads to an upsell but mostly insure that my clients are always OVERSERVED and happy. I don’t have the most reviews, clicks or likes but I have a rapidly expanding network of engaged clients that I talk to and communicate with.

I am always open to networking and new ideas here on Fiverr. I hope there are others with the same idea, that won’t hesitate to message me to discuss their ideas too.

Have a great Monday and happy selling, Fiverrs!

Its really help full.

If you’re good at your work then don’t feel hopeless,have patience and you’ll get good customers.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

I like you said that you’re not shy to turn away business if it doesn’t fit your services. Well said

Expertise in skill and delivery the work being smart reputation. Buyer will grab your service to get high quality work. Thanks