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Fiverr Affiliate Commission

Hi there, I have a question regarding earnings with fiverr affiliate program.
If someone creates an account on fiverr but not to buy but to become a seller…Do i still make affiliate commission?


This may be helpful to you: Affiliate Marketing Basics for Beginners


Nope, but thanks anyway.


Check out: for several posts on the subject.


Check this one. You will get everything here.

Hey Roger!
That’s a good question and I’ll be glad to clarify it.

We pay commissions only for new buyers you drive to Fiverr. We do not pay commissions for referring new sellers to our platform.

Let me know if you have more questions!


No it doesn’t. Unfortunately Fiverr isn’t terribly clear in their marketing of this program. They create the impression that driving traffic is what earns you the money, but it isn’t.

Affiliate commissions take place when a cookie is placed on the visitor’s browser and then they make a purchase. That cookie is then associated with that transaction and that’s what prompts the commission.

It can’t work how you are proposing because 1: Affiliates would use it to game the system, getting friends to make accounts without purchasing just so they will get the commission. 2: Making an account is not making a sale and doesn’t mean a sale will happen.

You only get rewarded if a sale results from a click. Fiverr should make this clearer.

CTR is also for Earning?

No, this is an affiliate program, not an advertising program. Seriously, look it up.

Affiliate programs are commissions for sales.

All you have to do is look up how it works.

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Thanks for information confirm one more thing can we also promote our fiverr gig thorugh fiverr affiliation marketing

Suppose this is my profile link Vikash Baria and this is my fiverr affiliate link so I can also promote my service from my affiliate link?