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Fiverr affiliate Payment request pending

Hello…@affiliates5rr @affiliates5rr
What’s really happening, I joined fiverr affiliate and I earn some funds with that more than $100 , the instructions is that I ga only withdraw funds month after commission earned, which is day 1 or 2, so I have to wait, now the deal day came , truly it showed where yo request fund, then I requested for it , now it hss been in pending for the past 8 days, I don’t recieve that into my payoneer, please how many days will it take to pend, its been pending now, what can I do, what’s the advice , help me out

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Is it true that fiverr affiliates if you pay? I got to my minimum commission but he won’t let me request the payment, he says that when I reach $ 100 and then I get them …, does it generate any distrust for me? Has he won over a thousand $$$$ with them?

I don’t really know if they payout , but the minimum of payout is $100 , my own issue now is that I have over $100, I request payment but what its giving me is pending. I don’t know the actual day it will finish pending

Hey there,
We check affiliate requests throughout the whole month, and the status “pending” would remain until we reach your request and either approve or reject it. Keep in mind that we have thousands of affiliates and thus this process might take until the end of the month.

Approved comissions are paid once a month upon receiving your invoice. Payment is made on a net 30 basis, which starts at the beginning of the following month. So if your request would be approved - you would get paid at the beginning of next month.


why would not an application be approved? I do not understand, so if we work hard we risk not getting paid too? because I just enrolled in the program and I devote myself only to his since days so if it tells me that my payment is not approved, it’s really going to get me up, so tell me what to do to avoid that its happens?:expressionless:

Because they have to make sure you won’t spam and they want people who are reputable and have an actual shot at bringing in business and won’t scam Fiverr for commissions. Plus, affiliate programs cost money to run. They want a great return on that investment.

When you are an affiliate you are also an ambassador for the company. Your efforts can adversely impact people’s impression of the brand.

Loads of sellers on Fiverr spam their gigs, so Fiverr has to be especially careful.

Fiverr doesn’t owe it to you to make you an affiliate.