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Fiverr Affiliate Registrations Question


I am a Fiverr seller and I’ve recently started using the Affiliates program and I have a question - to better understand how the system works: So I managed to receive 3 registrations through my links so far - please see my attached photo.

Are those registrations showing only new registered users who never registered on Fiverr before? If yes, how does it work? If any of these registered users at some point orders something on Fiverr I get a commission of their first purchase? Is there an expiration deadline - for example if they order something after 6 months, do I still get a commission?

This may be helpful to you:


Yes I read those, thanks - so the answer to my question lies in here: “The first purchase from each customer is payable and will reward you with 15-150 USD.” but just wanted to know if there is an expiration time of the first purchase or not.

There is a contact us link here: The Most Asked Questions (FAQ) About Fiverr Affiliates Program if you can’t find the answer to your question.