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Fiverr Affiliate System

I feel that with unemployment being so high in our region Fiverr would be great to promote. Would Fiverr include an Affiliate system?

Yes I agree!

I like if our gig will promote by affiliate :slight_smile:

An affiliate system would be brilliant, I am almost hesitant to promote fiverr at times… Mainly because it is quite easy for someone to swoop in and steal your niche. If you could make money from sign-ups then I would have no problem promoting the site to everyone I know!

This would be nice… or even make a percentage on sales, not sure how that would work since Fiverr takes $1 per sold gig.

+1 for affiliate system :smiley:

I feel that we should have an affiliate system, that you can make a dollar per signup and confirmed E-mail. +1000000

Reply to @ajdrawings:

The best i think is to get commision for every sale our affiliate makes :slight_smile: Then this will work more i think :smiley:

Reply to @sk8tavou: it’d be nice, but where would the money come from; The margins are already so small.

Reply to @scrapebox_: Would have to come from fiverr’s 20% comission on each sale. In that way fiverr would be indirectly paying for the marketing that its members were undertaking, which is usually how these things work.

How about $0.2 of every $1 taken per sale for the affiliate? :wink:

This sounds like a great idea!! If the cut came from Fiverr’s 20% cut on the sale, I’m all up for it $-)

Hello Everybody,

I have different super solution for this. I definitely would like to have Affiliate Program from fiverr. But I don’t like this - Affiliate Program don’t needs to pay commissions every time our affiliates make a sale. Instead of that we can have a fixed value like $50. This system is a good for Hosting Sites, Domain Sites well. But I think this system would work in fiverr also.

after this fixed commission, fiverr don’t need to pay for us. But I like the other method that all you guys mentioned here. Anyway I’m in for Fiverr Affiliate Program group. Let’s make this thread attractive to get the attention of Fiverr Admins :smiley:

Also to limit the risk, we can have an option - Referral Needs To Complete 5 Orders or something that could be easily achieved. I suggest there is no need to enable time frame. If we refer new sellers to fiverr, they are our people for forever. So once after they completed the requirement, we get paid.

What you think guys...?

All The Best For All The Guys
Shyam - WordPress SEO Guy,

I like the idea to be honest… xD I think it’ll be fun marketing some users around here and getting paid to do so… There is so much talent on Fiverr it’s bizarre!!

You know, I’m not too sure if Fiverr will even allow this because they take $1 per ordered gig, and $1/2 per gig extras (depending on seller level)… the margin to make money is very slim as scrapebox_ suggested.

So regular $5 gig - they take $1

1 gig extra of $5 - they take $1

1 gig extra of $10 - they take $2

1 gig extra of $20 - they take $4

… etc

Maybe they can utilize an affiliate badge, and if you referred members, they can remove your fees and you can take 100% profit. Some sites have a referral system and use points, so if you have X amount of points, you can cash those in and some things are free… I think that would be nice, and Fiverr doesn’t have to pay any money out of pocket. . maybe if we refer X amount of users we get like a week of free featuring or something?

Another way to do this is maybe refer X amount of people, and if X refers another person you get like 20% or so profit from their order, something like what Clickbank/Envato does. But if that does happen, I’m sure sellers will try to somehow increase prices on gig extras since gigs are defaulted at $5

It would be nice to see referral links such as:

Reply to @ominous: I like your suggestion too. Yeah Fiverr We want a super Affiliate Program :smiley:

Reply to @scorpiondark: I’m hoping a referral system does get made… Can’t wait… So let’s all hope and think it exist… maybe it will in the future!

Well the way I see this is…the idea you just came up with has both sides…it will benefit yourself and fiverr…but also there will be some downs…such as people will not like to join by adding $ by ref links to anyone…That is common sense…say If person X is promoting Fiverr and service by his referral link and whenever his ref link gets occupied X gets $ to his acc…ok?

Now that Y person who checks out will probably think…why should I let someone have $ just like that…But this will be something not too common but I never register with ref links…

So behalf of myself I pointed this out…because I think I am not the only person having this idea…But I know…Majority Wins!


Reply to @mighty_dil:

Now that Y person who checks out will probably think…why should I let someone have $ just like that…
Well only if new user registered and bought a gig… something along those lines… xD

I like the idea. Commissions don’t have to be a lot. (after all it’s fiverr!) But it would be an easy for Fiverr to promote itself and expand.

I would love to see some affiliate programs here. And fiverr would definitely benefit from this.

An interesting concept indeed.

At the moment Fiverr is already making a sufficient amount of income and are probably quite comfortable at the speed of expansion. I personally think that this would need a lot of money to implement such an idea, hence something maybe for down the road.