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Fiverr age to get paid

Hi, I am 15. I earned some money on Fiverr because it says it is legal to do so as long as I am above 13. But in order for me to get paid, I need to be 18 as per PayPal and Payoneer’s (the two ways to get paid on Fiverr) policies. What can I do in this case? TIA


Either you can purchase your favorite gigs from fiverr seller or wait till you get Paypal access

Correct, 13 is the minimum age. Ask your parents or a 18+ sibling who have a PayPal or Payoneer account to help you with this one. They could easily add your email address to their account for you to receive payment until you’re older.


nikavoice if he does this now later there will be issues when he want to change his payment method again

But in this case, there is no other way than adding a family’s acc to withdraw your money. Its possible that the person might need the money urgently so while there are more 3 years to go, he gotta go for it.

You should contact customer support about this before you do it, so it’s on record and you can point at it once you’ll have your own PayPal/Payoneer

Also, it’s probably best to not choose a family member who works or might work on Fiverr themself to avoid issues, but if that’s not possible, support can surely help.

In any case, I’d do nothing about this before contacting and having a reply from support. Keep in mind thar they seem overworked currently and some users have reported they got replies only after up to ten days, so better send your ticket right away, and be patient.