Fiverr Alexa Ranking going Down everyday!


I saw at google - Fiverr Global Alexa Ranking going Down everyday!!

Might be that means - Buyers are loosing trust to fiverr they are leaving etc. OR might be these all happening because of fiverr all experiment every week. Fiverr guys are trying to improve all thing but Somehow, that’s going dis-improve and negative impact.

My suggestion : They should go with 3 month old feature site recovery!!

I’m inviting all sellers for give your suggestion here - Might be fiverr Developer team are listening :slight_smile:


I do not know that much about rankings, but…

I’m not sure if they should care about Alexa ranking. Is Alexa even reputable? Is this the same Alexa whose stuff was being blocked by security and privacy software?


Giving a first look at that graphic, it’s obvious that even when you state “the ranking is sinking”, it’s apparently anyway better than in July from 16…
I work here since 5 years, and last two years were for me the best ever… I kept a constant level of income in all months…
Don’t panic, and if you think about leaving the boat before sinking… well… you’re free to do so…


Alexa is 1. not accurate and 2. not relevant to anything.

It is only used if someone wants to sell a site or get investors. Otherwise it has no use.

I’ve done better than the year before each year I’ve been here. Usage of the site has skyrocketed since I’ve been here.


I think they should not test on live site. They can simulate on mirror version and study results. My Gig suddenly Jumped to position 1 in Search Results, then to 13th and then to 30th again in top 10. Now it disappeared.

Don’t know what they are planning to do. :sob:


I don’t think that really matters. Your clients will find you anyway.


I do not think ranking is really matter for Fiverr and if we talk about loosing buyers… well fiverr has a great marketing team they know how to bring buyers to the site :wink: so don’t worry my friend, up and downs are okay. :slight_smile:


I think - Global ranking is based on How many users do visit on any website :slight_smile: So If Users do increase = Ranking go UP - Users do leave = Ranking go down !! So i assume - As many sellers complaining - “they are not getting orders” That means - Buyers are keep leaving fiverr !!


Earn a buck or two if you’re a seller and get something done if you’re a buyer. Let the big boyz deal with rankings and stuff.


I’m fairly certain that the only people leaving Fiverr are those that have been banned or removed as spammers, fraudsters and the like (we know Fiverr is cracking down on these users), or the sellers that thought Fiverr was a get-rich-quick site, and have since come to realize that they have to work hard for their success, and can’t have instant wealth.

Of course, those are the wrong kind of site users here on Fiverr to begin with, so if they leave (or are deleted), that actually improves the site. :wink:


I also found sometime its down and up but don’t know the exact reason.


i can assure you fiverr will rank up higher in few months, because its the best platform for sellers and buyers


assurance based on what? :stuck_out_tongue: - Even you don’t know - anything about updates and experiment time frame -


wait, you soon will see


sorry bro… we all are feeling the pain called - Fiverr Experiment! :sob::sob::sob:


Come on guys!
Alexa is sooooooo Old School and inaccurate that only Old school people give a whatever to that Alexa.
For cool guys, living in 2017, Alexa is definitely not an Index, it is a virtual spy assistant from the other guys with that “A” in their company name…


In addition to what @babibalubi said above, it is important to know HOW Alexa ranks sites. Ranking is based on user visits AND pageviews, not just basic traffic numbers.

For example, that big drop in January shown in the OP image is clearly due to the Forum changeover. The forum generates a lot of pageviews for Fiverr but not necessarily from buyers. It is likely that the Forum is a large part of that ranking.

Secondly, if reduced pageviews can cause a drop in Alexa ranking then actually, a good search algorithm will actually DECREASE the Alexa rank as people will find what they need at the first attempt and stop browsing so much! (Let’s not discuss the algorithm again, I’m just giving an example of how misleading Alexa rank is).

Ever wonder why those clickbaity sites like Buzzfeed etc split their articles into galleries and multiple pages? This is why; it helps manipulate Alexa rank and Google Analytics stats by forcing people to view multiple pages which is seen as positive by the statcounters. In reality though, it is just an irritation for users.
Before you decide to start applying this manipulation on your own site, remember that every time you try to fool Google is a risk - their next update could target sites that do that very thing!

I Know What's Going on - Everything Makes Sense Now

Exactly. It is not easy to understand Alexa (The Index-Alexa) in some minutes, as @eoinfinnegan explains.

Just ask our good old friend Google… There you will find everything about Alexa. Alternatively you can ask Alexa what she knows about Alexa, but this is really, really only for advanced and experienced Alex-Users :wink:

But yep Alexa it is a nice looking number that you can share and that´s the reason why it has been and it is still popular. It has never been a serious indicator.

And: Any ranking score under 500 is completely inaccurate without any value, and everybody who knows how Alexa collects Data, can easily push the ranking up, if you simply give Alexa the data, that Alexa is looking for. :slight_smile: One more reason not to trust the Index-Alexa. With the other one, we will see :wink:


I think we have to see number of users than ranking for fiverr.


This is so true! When I do research, I quickly get out of sites that gives little content on their main page and forces me to click through multiple pages all the while loading up my computer with countless advertising!