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Fiverr algorithm due to tests!

Hey there! I have two gigs as of right now and I thought maybe I could try giving a test to improve my profile. I gave content writing test even though my gigs aren’t related to content writing or English (video editing and illustrations). But I still have the test as a experience but I didn’t score very well (6/10>fail).
Does this affect my gigs in their algorithm in any way?
As they say giving test make them add in algorithms but considering my gigs aren’t related to the test I gave , will I get recommended less?
I gave the test couple of days ago and I haven’t received any messages or order since! Which is unusual since I get at least one message a day.
And I also took some gap due to exams, hence I paused it for over a week! Did that affect anything?


Anyone any theories?

I would definitely write to CS about it! I have never taken any tests, but maybe they can remove the test from your page, since it’s not relevant to your services?

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It’s not on my page!
Any exam results depends on you if you want to show it to people.
I was just wondering if anyone know how algorithm is codependent on tests and stuff.
But thanks for reaching out

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