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Fiverr Algorithm- Is it a fraud?

I have gone through some blog posts that said Fiverr’s algorithm is a fraud and only benefited some top-rated, level two sellers. (I’m not responsible for the content of that blogs.)
The author got angry because he didn’t get a single order during the last eight months. Even though I have no clear idea about the Fiverr algorithm, I want to know your opinions.

PS- Currently, I don’t have any objections against Fiverr rules, regulations of their algorithm.


No one will never know how algorithm is working, it’s something that fiverr will never reveal, however, all we know is that algorithm is rotatting and make appearing new sellers in first pages and then rotate again etc.
Algorithm is often used as an excuse for not getting orders, well, sometimes it might be true sometimes it’s just a hard time when people don’t need our services, that i’m facing right now on fiverr.

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In my experience who ever came with Fiverr algorithm is a BS.

Do you think those sellers came on the platform and right away became top rated and level two?

Of course not, they were also starting at some point with zero orders and to reach a top rated seller fiverr had to as you call it favour them being new sellers.


I assume you mean Fiverr’s ranking algorithm.

It does seem to benefit higher levelled sellers more than lower levelled ones, though it may depend on who is doing the search/viewing the category/their past buying/whether they’re logged in.

In a logged out browser, if click on the logo category then go to the “recommended” sort, the first page shows:

Level 0 11 gigs 22.9167%
Level 1 4 gigs 8.3333%
Level 2 13 gigs 27.0833%
TRS 20 gigs 41.6667%

So the highest amount shown on the 1st page for a particular level for me on the recommended sort is TRS, despite level 0 being the level with the most gigs.

On the best selling sort it seems to promote Fiverr’s choice gigs, Pro gigs, studio gigs.

For logo design on the best selling sort (the default when you click on the subcategory)
on the 1st page it shows me:
Level 0 0 gigs 0.0000%
Level 1 4 gigs 8.3333%
Level 2 34 gigs 70.8333%
TRS 10 gigs 20.8333%

Though for unlevelled sellers there’s a very small chance they could get a rising talent badge and if so they could get promoted in the search ranking because of that.

edit: Though initially new gigs (whatever the level) get a boost I think in the search engine.

That’s probably why they are attacking Fiverr.


I think no one know how algorithm is working. but if you check then you will find new seller who doing good in fiverr.

Fraud is a strong word. A sales platform is naturally going to favour the proven successful sellers with good feedback. It would be madness not to. Fiverr, and other online marketplaces, are businesses not charities. However, Fiverr does also show new sellers high in the search results.

But let’s be completely honest about it, there are some gig categories that are so oversubscribed with sellers compared to market demand that most sellers in these oversubscribed categories are unlikely to ever get an order.

For example, there are 92,000 sellers offering WordPress gigs - that’s immense competition. Likewise there are 45 thousand gigs for background removal. The demand simply isn’t there to meet the supply. Rather than blame the marketplace, the sellers that moan need to better understand basic business principles and ideally retrain in a service with greater demand and less competition.