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Fiverr Algorithm!

Hello, Respected Seniors and Top sellers I need your guidance because I face some problems regarding my sales.

I created my account back in 2018 but I was not focused and work properly on Fiverr. But in January 2020 I decided to start work properly and with full concentration. I started and get some awesome results.

The January and February were great, I successfully completed +20 orders all with 5 Star ratings then suddenly orders stop, even buyer request disappears and I did only 1 order in the past 17 days.

I am really worried about this, I don’t know how the Fiverr algorithm works.

Waiting for your your tips, suggestion and comments, Thanks!


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Thank you so much for your time and interest!

By the way I followed all this things you mentioned in the post and I made all my gigs after a proper research, title, images, description are good and that is the reason I got +20 order in 2 months.

I think you misunderstand, I am asking about why suddenly orders stops? and why buyer requests disappear?

I face this problem from the last 15-120 days!

None of us do, nor is Fiverr ever likely to give away their trade secrets. It can be frustrating when a gig loses a position in the search results, however, you have control over the marketing for your gig. If you aren’t obtaining the kind of traffic you want from the site’s search engine, then maybe now is a good time to start marketing your gigs elsewhere – wherever your target customers are located. You have the ability to bring in your own customers as well. Don’t rely on Fiverr and the Fiverr search results to bring in all of your customers.